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Hearing God's Voice by Terradez Ministries

Hearing God’s Voice

We are God’s children! He wants to be in an active relationship with us: to talk to us, position us, keep us from harm, lead us into open doors of opportunity and success, and speak healing, deliverance and prosperity into our lives. If we aren’t listening—if we haven’t trained our hearts to recognize when He is speaking—His ability to work good in our lives will be limited. In fact, hearing God’s voice can be a life or death situation!

“He who is of God hears God’s words…”John 8:47

A Life or Death Situation

One day, I (Ashley) was driving, and I saw a hitchhiker walking down the side of the road. I heard the still, small voice of the Lord say, “Pick up that hitchhiker.” At first, I thought, No, that’s just me, because I really didn’t want to! In fact, I even passed him by. But after I had passed, it was like the Holy Spirit was yelling at me to pick him up! So, I made a U-turn and went back for him.

After we started driving, he asked me, “So, what do you do for a living?”

I answered, “I’m a minister.”

He looked at me and said, “Are you kidding me? Just two minutes ago I prayed, and I said, ‘God, send someone to help me. I need one of your workers to help me!’”

We spent about 20 minutes together. He had been born again years ago, but he rededicated his life to the Lord. I also led him in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and he received his prayer language. It was a powerful time of ministry!

When I dropped him off, he got out of my truck and said, “I want you to know, this was going to be my last night. I was going to end everything tonight. I prayed today, and I said, ‘God, if You love me, You’re going to have to show me.’ And spending time with you today has really encouraged me—I feel like a new man now!”

He had started off beaten down and considering suicide, but he left encouraged and ready go live life!

Tuning In

God is always speaking to us. It’s as though He is transmitting on a radio station at a specific frequency, and we have to tune in to that particular wavelength to hear Him clearly. Perhaps sometimes we are not quite there, so the signal seems clouded with static. The dial needs to be adjusted just a little to get the clearest sound. Once we do, and we are hearing God’s voice, we still have to be willing to take a step of faith and follow! Sometimes it may be to pick up a hitchhiker, but sometimes it may be to NOT pick them up! We must practice hearing His voice and acting on what He tells us to do because our lives, or the lives of others, may depend on it. So, how do we learn to tune in to His broadcast?

The short answer is that we have to develop our relationship with God. We just have to know Him more and more! Married couples will tell you that after years of marriage they can predict exactly how their spouse would react in any given situation. The more you know God’s nature—who He truly is—the easier it is to recognize His voice. He will never violate His nature or His Word, so the more intimately you become with who He is, the easier it is to discard thoughts or voices that want to lead you away from His plan.

Hearing God’s Voice Clearly

There are a few basic principles that will help you to become more sensitive to the voice of God.

  1. The voice of God will never contradict scripture. If you hear something that is contrary to His Word, it is not Him! The more familiar you are with the Scriptures, the easier hearing God’s voice will become.
  2. Understand that God will never lead you through paralyzing or tormenting fear. This fear is different from the fear of the Lord, which is reverence or awe of God—a respect for His leading. If anything brings you to a place of anxiety or panic, it is usually either not Him, or your flesh flashing! Give it over to prayer, and allow the peace of God to rule in your heart (Colossians 3:15).
  3. Believe and confess that you do hear God’s voice. Refuse to submit to the lie of the enemy that you can’t hear God. John 10:27 says that you can!
  4. Spend time with God. As you do this, you’ll become more intimate with Him and more easily able to determine His heart and motivations.
  5. Be obedient. When you have heard His voice, don’t rely on logic, just obey! Sometimes you may make mistakes, but as you take action in response, you will become more sensitive to His leading and understand Him more clearly.
  6. Don’t Limit God. Sometimes we only give God a couple of choices, when His plan includes so much more! Be open to His leading in situations you may be facing. He can make a way where there seems to be no way!

Expect to hear from God today! He is not hiding from you: He loves you and is always speaking. His desire is for you to always hear Him clearly.

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The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place. Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

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