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Free Confession Card and Digital Kit

Your words are powerful. In fact, what you believe and speak will change the course of your life and your natural surroundings. This is why we want everyone to have access to this practical tool for speaking God’s Word into your life.

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Free Confession Card & Digital Kit

Confession card digital kit

What this Kit Includes

Confession Card PDF
Print or share this powerful list of personal declarations to remind yourself exactly who God says you are.

Who Do You Think You Are? MP3 teaching by Carlie Terradez
Learn how your identity is key to seeing your faith become effective, experiencing the promises of God, and walking in victory.

Shareable confession video
Watch and listen to the video version of the confession card to let the Word of God fully permeate your heart.

Free Physical Card

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We’ve received hundreds of healing testimonies this year. Here is one of our favorites. You can read more powerful testimonies on our testimonies page.

Toddler Raised from the Dead

The greatest testimony I have in my life is through the Confession Card. I got it the same time in March after the work when returning back to Zambia. From that time, I have been confessing all of it daily.

So when day I went to South Africa to get a Visa from the Mexican Embassy to travel to Mexico for the World Amateur chess championship which I qualified for by winning the African Amateur Chess Championship. So as I was on my way back home to Zambia, after getting the Visa, I met with an accident. I was traveling by bus and while in Zimbabwe, not so far from the South African border, the bus turned and fell on one side. This is when some of the confessions came to my heart. Notably “No weapon formed against me can prosper”, “Angels encamp around me and the blessings of God go before me, encircle me and overtake me”. I came out of that accident with no scratch. In fact I felt shielded as the bus was falling and I new it was God’s protection.

As if that was not enough, God had a lot to show me that night. (It was actually around 01:00). When the bus had turned, I got up and when I saw people laying down. My immediate person next to me had her arm chopped off with blood all over her face and she cried bitterly. My heart was so full of compassion and I was so mad at the devil for being so evil. I almost cried but the Holy Spirit told me “this is not the time to cry; pray”. So i prayed that God may strengthen us all and that he may show us what to do and help us in that situation. Then all of a sudden I gained strength and i decided to start helping people. So I started pulling people who were badly trapped and couldn’t move. I started looking for survivors. Unfortunately one person had died. Her body was disfigured. But thank God the rest did not die.

After helping out the other people, God had just put it in my heart to continue helping people. So I moved around the scene looking for who to help and I found people praying for a baby (probably two or three years old). Someone prayed in tongues and others just prayed normal prayers. They were praying for her to live. My spirit caught this before my senses and I just felt the Holy Spirit move in me and in my mind he reminded me one of the confessions on the card that “I’m equipped with the whole armor of God, full of the Holy Spirit, with more than enough power inside of me to raise the dead, heal the sick and cast out devils”. At this point I moved without even thinking twice, went to the baby and touched her and said “Father, you are the resurrection and the life” and then I commanded the baby saying “in the name of Jesus Christ, arise”. And the baby immediately rose up. And the prayers for her to live immediately stopped.

It was the biggest experience of my life. It made me wonder what else I’m capable of doing through Christ.

James, Zambia

Free Confession Card

The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place.Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place. Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

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