God answers

Dearest Carlie
I attended the Zoom Africa partners meeting online 29 Nov 2022.
I had been praying for both my young adult children’s protection as they prepare to holiday in Cape Town, in a few days, 15 hours away. I even bought Perry Stone’s book on Angels to understand how God uses angels to protect us.
The morning of the 29th I just said to God that i am just going to dare to believe Him, as I cannot afford to worry.
Ashley’s words kept ringing in my ears for weeks, “God loves your children more than you do”.
That afternoon my sweet friend popped around and when I mentioned the time the youngsters were leaving she mentioned the dangers etc that time on the roads. I still had peace in my heart. My head might have been having its own debate though.
On your webinar you mentioned someone praying for protection for their children and God is sending His angels to protect them.
I immediately felt this was for me. The tears rolled down my cheeks as I just felt, wow Lord you really love me!
You love me, enough to speak to somebody about an issue that is close to my heart which is closer to His heart!
Thank you Carlie and Ashley for your obedience to hear God and speaking into our lives!