My husband died unexpectedly in May (2021). He was the breadwinner. I was/am on leave from work. Social Security benefits, are my current source of income. In July I began selling my husband’s possessions online, to generate much needed additional income (I’ve been setting my hand to something, knowing that it would prosper). In July I declared, “I’m expecting between $500 and $1000 additional income every month”. I’ve decreed it REGULARLY since then. I’ll have you to know that the my words HAVE and are YET coming to pass. Each month there has been $1000 more that has been generated. God is SOOOO good!!!!
With my situation, it seems crazy to give bountifully. In my mind, I’m thinking, I really need to save all that I can. I’ve heard Ashley and Carlie say REPEATEDLY; give give give and desire prosperity not just for you but for the sake of others. I’ve been able to sow into the Kingdom and give in my community, in ways that I never was able to before. The more I give, it just keeps coming back. I have more financially now, than I’ve ever had. It feels SO good be able to give, without concerns about my needs. Thank you Jesus, and thank you Ashley and Carlie for your ministry. It has been such a blessing to me. Manifold blessings continually, in Jesus’ name. Sylvia