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Testimony tag: Encouragement

Regarding the details

Hi, My name is Zena and i watch you on the gospel truth every morning while getting ready for work, last week in may, you talked about faith , how not to deny the facts , but that Gods words is the finally truth , well i have scriptures on cards posted in my apt, …

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Overcoming Fear

Recently I had a small red pimple on my right breast. It had appeared one day but it wasn’t painful so I didn’t bother much with it. During this Corona period I have been seeking God much more and He has been faithful. So one morning I rip the devil apart in prayer during my …

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Mom Called

For the first time in my entire life my Mother called me to ask me how I was doing and to touch base with me. She also said “tell the children hello” which are My son and daughter 18 and 20 who don’t know her either. My extremely abusive father died on April 15 and …

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Moving forward

My husband and I where felt we where to move from our home town, when we first got married. We have now been married 15years and finally did it. In November of 2019 we felt God tell us we had to move. We spent a month praying about it and didn’t tell anyone what we …

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I’m so excited today! About a week ago last Friday while listening to T Time, Carlie, you looked at the screen and said, “One of you has been studying for awhile and it’s time for you to step out and teach”. I knew the Lord was speaking to me through you. I had been fasting …

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3 miracles in bout 24 hours

Three prayers got answered just today. 1. Yesterday on your live broadcast I commented that I wanted prayer for bedbugs. Long story but just in Feb and March I had a really bad case. You never prayed it but I was believing that God would answer and started thanking God.. After hearing on an Andrew …

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God is good!

My heart was abit discouraged by something a friend had said about prosperity and healing. I asked God why is it that people don’t believe in Your prosperity? That You don’t want them to have a better life? I heard “My people don’t believe in My goodness!” Then a few months back I heard Carlie …

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Back on track

This summer I graduated after years of struggling. It was a victory, but I came out really tired. I hoped that the struggle would be over, but I seemed to be more tired than before. This discouraged me. For months I struggled just to believe for energy for each day. When a challenge came, I …

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The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place. Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

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