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Our one-stop shop for all things tv related. See our current free offer, tv schedule, updates on new shows, and watch our tv archives.

Our one-stop shop for all things tv related. See our current free offer, tv schedule, updates on new shows, and watch our tv archives.

Abundant Life TV Offers

Abundant Life TV Offers

More Than Enough MP3

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Accessing the Supernatural Abundance of God

Our Father, who has infinite resources, desires all of His children to become empowered to access the supernatural abundance of God: His provision isn’t just enough—it’s more than enough! In this teaching set you will explore examples from scripture and uncover how God is able to provide for us in spite of challenging natural circumstances.

Miracles & Healing Made Easy Book

FREE Book or PDF Download

Ever wondered if miracles really happen today? Are you or a loved one in need of a miracle or healing? Are sick and tired of being sick and tired? Or just want to become more confident in your faith?


Be inspired as you experience accounts of actual miracles in the lives of everyday believers! This book might just save your life—or someone else’s!

Order Online or by calling (719) 600-3344 | Use coupon code TVGiveaway at checkout

Other Free Offers

Upcoming Events

Play Video about The Cure 2023 - Hosted by Ashley & Carlie Terradez, guest speakers Andrew Wommack and Joseph Z.

Power Hour with Carlie Terradez

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During Power Hour, host Carlie Terradez teaches on the goodness and power of God and prays for specific prayer requests from viewers for healing, encouragement, financial breakthrough and much more. You can be encouraged by these lessons and take the prayers to heart, even if you didn’t make the original request!

Unplugged with Ashley

Unplugged is designed to reach people with the Gospel who wouldn’t otherwise watch traditional Christian television. This variety show will have a dose of the Word, special guests, and has special segments designed to bring both laughter and fun for the whole family!

Get ready for something completely different. Completely new, funny, and real. Completely… Ashley Unplugged. 

Unplugged Season 2 will be releasing in early 2023!

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Unplugged Season 2 will be releasing in early 2023!

TV Broadcast Schedule

United States

State City Station/Channel Day Broadcast Time
All Most US cities Daystar Saturday 11:00 AM (MT)
All Most US cities Praise The Lord Network Mon – Fri Varied Times

International TV

LocationNetworkStation/ChannelDayBroadcast Time
AfricaTBN AfricaTBN Africa DStv 343Mon – Fri8:30 AM (CAT)
AfricaDaystarCheck Daystar listingsSat11:00 PM (CAT)
EuropeDaystar Check Daystar listingsSat10:00 PM (GMT)
North AmericaDaystar Check Daystar listingsSat11:00 AM (MT)
South AmericaDaystar Check Daystar listingsSat6:00 PM (UTC-5)
Internet TVTerradez MinistriesTerradezMinistries.comMon – Sun24 hours (On Demand)
 ROKUTerradez Ministries ChannelMon – Sun24 hours (On Demand)
 Gospel Truth TVGospelTruth.TVMon – Fri10:00 AM & 10:00 PM (MT)

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All Is Not Lost

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God Wants You Rich

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We’ve received hundreds of powerful testimonies this year. Here are some of our favorites. You can read more  on our testimonies page.

Free from Fear

I used to be shy. So shy I wouldn’t look people in the eye. I was afraid of people. Then one day God spoke to me and told me that being shy was selfish and that I didn’t have to be afraid. I didn’t have to be shy because that wasn’t who I was, and that He loved me. That day I received freedom from fear.
— Abigail, US

Ears Healed while Praying in Spirit

I was born hard hearing and I began wearing hearing aids (both ears) in 2012.

So, I have been declaring myself healed and said, “hearing aids your days are numbered.” …I was in my room praying in tongues, and I heard a pop out noise, once then a second time. I looked to see what that noise was but wasn’t sure but took it as yes my ears are healed. Three days later, praying in tongues, the same thing happened. I recorded this in my prayer journal. Then I realized that these pop out noises were actually my ears opening.

Hallelujah! It’s been almost a month I recovered my ears of both hears and did not have to wear hearing aids after eight years. Wow! Praise to Jesus!

— Aurelie, Mauritania

Set Free

Right before Power Hour today, I felt the spirit give me the wisdom of why I had been dealing with tormenting thoughts and fear. With overwhelming symptoms. After the revelation, Carlie began to pray for someone that had been experiencing tormenting thoughts and the thought that her family would be better off without her. A weight fell off and my thoughts aligned with the Word of God. He delivers us from all of our fears! Amen! Thank you for praying!
— Marla, US