Dangerous Expectation Abundant Life (10) 12/6/17

What are you expecting? There are a lot of people who have been beaten-up from constant struggle or not seeing the things they hoped for. Align your expectations with the word of God as Ashley and Carlie encourage you.

You Have the Power Abundant Life (4) 11/28/17

We are armed and dangerous! God has given believers power over unclean spirits and the works of the enemy and to heal all kinds of sickness and all disease. Learn about the authority that God has delegated to us as believers.

Faith That Overcomes Abundant Life (2) 11/24/17

You have all of the faith that you will ever need to receive all that God has for you! Explore the new testament with Ashley and Carlie to uncover how to operate from a position of faith so you can be an overcomer in this life.

God Made You Prosperous! Abundant Life (1) 11/23/17

Join Ashley and Carlie Terradez for a study of 2nd Corinthians! Prosperity doesn’t have to do with your temporary circumstances or what you possess, it is part of your identity in Christ. Find out how God took your financial poverty and replaced it with financial prosperity.

More Than a Conquerer Abundant Life TV (71) 4/18/18

Sometimes we don’t feel very victorious. But, the truth is that you are more than a conqueror! Ashley and Carlie share some profound illustrations to clarify Romans 8:37 and empower you to live a victorious life.

The Key To Your Success. Abundant Life TV (68) 4/13/18

Did you know that your thankfulness can determine your level of success in this life? Ashley and Carlie explain how giving thanks is God’s will for our lives and how it impacts critical times in our lives.

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Who Are You In Christ? Abundant Life TV (66) 4/11/18

Sometimes in life we can allow the world to tell us what our identity is. But, our identity is truly in Jesus Christ. Be encouraged as Ashley and Carlie help you to discover who you really are in the word of God.

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