Possessing the Promises – Part 1

God keeps His promises! All of His promises are “Yes,” and “Amen.” In part 1 of Possessing the Promises, Ashley and Carlie Terradez provide insights about how to take these promises and see them manifest in your life.

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Ashley: Did you know that God keeps his promises? In fact, all the promises of God are yes and amen through Christ Jesus, amen. Join us now, as we look at God’s promises for you.
Announcer: Why live a normal life? When you could be living the abundant life. Welcome to the Abundant Life program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.
Ashley: Hello everyone and welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today. My name is Ashley Terradez and this is my wife, Carlie, And we’ve got a great program for you today. We’re excited, praise God. We’re talking about the promises of God. God keeps his promises. Amen. So what have we got, Carlie? Promises of God.
Carlie: Amen. We’re starting a brand new series called possessing the promises. God has given us good and great and precious promises, but they don’t just automatically come to pass in our life. When we get born again, the promise of salvation is there for everybody. Jesus died for us on the cross 2000 years ago to make salvation available for us. That has been available for 2000 years and will be until we go to be with him in eternity. Amen.
But you didn’t just wake up one morning, find that you were saved. You had to respond to it, didn’t you?
Ashley: It was a decision.
Carlie: You had to make a decision, and because of Jesus, we now have a better covenant based on better promises, but we have to learn how to possess those promises. See God’s promise is a yes and amen, but we still have to go out and take hold of what he has purchased for us, to receive them and see them manifest in our life.
Ashley: So what Jesus did is he paid the price. He already paid the price for us to have all those promises.
Carlie: Yes.
Ashley: So that’s grace. Grace is already, some people say that Jesus was grace personified. So grace is God’s provision. So God’s already provided all those things for us. Now it’s our part to receive them, to believe them, and to receive and that’s faith. That’s our faith part.
So grace has already provided, it’s a done deal. Faith is our part coming along and saying, “Yes, I believe it and I want it. I want to receive those promises. I want to take those promises.”
Carlie: That’s right.
Ashley: I think sometimes we can get confused between the two. If it’s all grace, then God’s already done it all and everyone should automatically receive everything. And they don’t, that’s what you’re saying, it’s a choice.
Carlie: Because if that were true, and it was just down to it being there and being available, everybody would already be healed. No one would ever experience any sickness in their life. Everyone would already be prosperous. No one would ever experience any lack in their life. Everyone would already be saved. There wouldn’t be any decision to make.
In fact, we would be robots. We wouldn’t have a free will. When God created mankind, he created us in his image, in his likeness to have his mind, his integrity, his passions, his purpose. To have his name and his authority. He didn’t create robots. He wanted to have relationship with us. He created us in his image to be like him, to be smart, to be intelligent, to have a purpose for our life.
But there are things in our life that are up to us because God’s made us intelligent beings. We have free will. That means we have a decision to choose. We have decisions to make. We have choices to respond or to not respond.
So I want to look and we’re going to be going on with this series called Possessing the Promises. We’re going to cover a number of different things. What does that really mean? What does possession really mean? How do we actually put the amen to God’s yes? How do we actually go out? What are those promises and how do we take them in for ourselves? Amen.
But today I specifically want to look at the fact that God is a promise keeper. Some of us in our life, have grown up maybe in circumstances where there’s been people in our lives that haven’t kept their word. They haven’t kept the promise, whether their yes isn’t really their yes, and their no isn’t really their no.
The problem is, if that has been our experience, we can start to filter the rest of the world that way. We can start to look at conversations, experiences, and we filter them through that lens of things not really ever being absolute. If that is our understanding and we start to project it onto God, we can look at God’s word through the same lens and start to question whether God’s word really is absolute. Or whether, if God said something, whether we can really trust him or not.
Ashley: So what we’re saying is really regardless of our natural experience, I’m aware this could be sensitive for some people, some people watching. You may have grown up in a situation where you couldn’t take someone’s word for it. Maybe even parents or-
Carlie: People that are close to you.
Ashley: People that are close to you, people that love you, or you love, or vice versa have promised you something. Have said to you, “Yeah, this is going to …” They’ve given you a promise, made a promise to you, and then broken it.
If that’s happened consistently, if you’ve experienced that consistently in life, if you’ve experienced broken promises consistently in your life, that’s going to affect you and it may affect your ability to trust God’s promises. It may affect your ability to, all these other people in my life who’ve made me promises and they haven’t kept them. So is God really going to keep his promises?
Sometimes we can say just from an intellectual mind, yeah, we know God’s going to keep his promises. But deep down in our hearts, if our experience has been that people always let us down, then maybe, without even realizing it, that’s what we’re weighting on God. We just thinking, well, God’s just going to let me down like the other people in my life let me down. So it’s really good to address this.
Carlie: It is. We talk about faith. We have whole series, whole teaching series, one particular one called Everyday Faith. In that series, we define what faith is. The basis of the word faith is to have a trust and confidence. If we don’t have a trust and confidence in the promises of God and who God really is and his character and understand really his character in nature, we’re going to struggle to receive the promises that he has for us.
All of these good things, healing, deliverance, forgiveness, prosperity. We’re going to struggle to live the abundant life that Jesus has for us. He wants us to live way above where most of us are living right now. He has way more for us than what we’re experiencing in our life right now.
He has more for your family. Amen. He has more for you, more for your kids. More in your workplace. He wants to take you places you haven’t even imagined yet. But in order to be able to go there with him, we have to learn to trust him. We have to learn to hold his hand. We’re going to find that really difficult to do if our past experience is, as Ashley said, of people in our life has been a series of broken promises.
So I want to establish today that God is a promise keeper. Amen. He’s not like maybe some of the other people that have been in our lives, good or bad. Sometimes people make a promise and they aren’t able to keep it. It’s not necessarily that they’re a bad person, but circumstances happen. Sometimes we over promise and under deliver.
Ashley: We need to do it the other way round. To under promise and over deliver and make sure we’re always, whatever we say we’re going to do, we’re able to follow through. If we can’t, for some reason, then at least go back and explain why we couldn’t. Or even ideally beforehand, before we can’t keep a promise. But really our word should be our word.
Unfortunately, sometimes people can experience things that don’t line up to that, don’t line up to God’s promises. When you were saying that about God’s got good plans, but I just felt really led by the Lord to share this scripture. We wasn’t planning to share this, but this is Jeremiah 29:11. This is just someone watching.
Jeremiah 29:11. It says, “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you.” This is God speaking to you. So regardless of the people in your life that may have let you down, regardless of you not experiencing people keeping their word, this is what God says to you today. This is for you today.
This is God saying, “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Then one translation puts it this way. I love this translation. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.” God has good plans for you when he thinks about you.
He’s thinking about your bright future. He’s not thinking about our failures. He’s not thinking about our shortcomings. He’s thinking about our full potential in Christ. That’s why the promises are so important because God’s got promises for us to live out. He wants us to walk in those promises so that we can experience and really partake in all the goodness that he has for us, all the good plans that he has for us, all the good thoughts that he has towards us, praise God. So God’s a good God.
Carlie: And he only has good plans.
Ashley: He only has good plans for us. He has plans to prosper you, plans to increase you, and plans to give you a future and a hope, regardless of your natural situations. You might be saying, “Ashley, you don’t understand, I’m in this situation. Or I’m in that situation. I’m experiencing an extreme lack or I’m experiencing sickness and pain, or I’m experiencing some issues in relationships. There seems to be no hope.”
Let me tell you, God is a specialist in situations of no hope, of bringing hope into those situations. This words for you, Jeremiah 29:11, he’s got plans to give you hope, praise God. He wants to give you a hope and a future today. So regardless of your situation, stay listening to this program. It’s really going to encourage you and bless you because God has a good future for you. Praise God. He loves you.
Carlie: Amen. You know what? He has a good future for you and it’s not dependent on your past.
Ashley: That’s good. I’m glad about that.
Carlie: Right?
Ashley: I’m really glad about that.
Carlie: We don’t get what we deserve, hallelujah.
Ashley: I’m glad about that.
Carlie: We get the promises of God by grace, but it’s our job to respond to what Jesus has already provided through grace, through this thing called faith. That is a trust and confidence that’s based on trust, trust and confidence based on trust. Faith is based on trust.
It’s based on understanding that we are children of the most high God and what it means in that parent father type relationship. I want to look today at some of the promises that we make here on Earth. Amen. Because I’m thinking particularly of the wedding promise, the wedding promise.
Ashley: You mean the promise we made 20 something years ago?
Carlie: When we were just little kids.
Ashley: We were little kids. They let you marry at 10 years old in England. That’s what it is.
Carlie: Oh, stop it, please.
Ashley: But we were very young.
Carlie: We were 20.
Ashley: 20 plus. Would you say 20 plus years?
Carlie: That’s how long we’ve been married.
Ashley: 20 plus years.
Carlie: Yes. Yes.
Ashley: So that promise.
Carlie: That promise. Well, I like this because when Ashley proposed to me, he made a promise to me. He made a promise to marry me. That’s what we call engagement.
Now I like what it says here. This is in, now I know exactly what story you’re going to go to, but let me read the scripture first.
Ashley: I’m just saying.
Carlie: Ashley’s the storyteller. Okay.
Ashley: I’m just saying that, yes, I’ll let you-
Carlie: I’ve got this.
Ashley: If you want me to share how I proposed to you and how romantic I was.
Carlie: He’s very romantic.
Ashley: How awesome I was when I proposed to you.
Carlie: He’s way more romantic than I am.
Ashley: I can share that story if you want me to. I mean, I wouldn’t share it.
Carlie: If I really twist your arm.
Ashley: I wouldn’t toot my own horn. But if you want me to share that story, I’ll share it.
Carlie: If you don’t toot your own horn in mine, I’ll get tooters.
Ashley: There you go.
Carlie: Anyway. So this is in second Corinthians one and 19 and 20, and I’m going to read it on my little piece of paper here because I’ve got it in the passion translation. I like how the passion translation puts these things. It says, “Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and he is the one whom Timothy, Silas, and I have preached to you-and he has never been both a “yes” and a “no.”” This is interesting.
“He’s never been both a “yes” and a “no.” He’s always been and always will be a resounding “YES! For the promises of God … “For God’s promises rather find their “yes” in fulfillment of him. As his “yes” and our “amen” ascend to God, we bring him glory!”
You see “Now, it is in God himself who has anointed us. And he is constantly strengthening both you and us in union with Christ. He knows we are his since he has also stamped his seal of love over our hearts and has given us the Holy Spirit like an engagement ring given to a bride-a down payment of blessings to come!”
Now this may be more familiar than the other translations to you, but this is the promises of God are yes and amen. Are yes and amen. They’re not yes and no.
Ashley: Right. The New King James says second Corinthians 1:20 says, “For all the promises of God-”
Carlie: All of them.
Ashley: “All of the promises of God.” So we need to find out what the promises are because all of them in him, in Jesus. We talked about Jesus is grace personified. He’s already provided everything for us. So in Jesus, are yes, “and in Him, amen. And to the glory of God through us.”
So actually God gets glory when we operate, I might be getting ahead of you now, I don’t know. But God gets glory when we operate in his promises.
Carlie: Say amen.
Ashley: When we say amen to his promises and we actually experience his promises and we operate in his promises, that brings glory to God.
Carlie: That does.
Ashley: So all the promises of God are yes and amen.
Carlie: I really like this because I don’t know about you, but I was kind of brought up in church thinking, well, God has a few different answers. Yes, no, and wait.
Ashley: That’s a classic, isn’t it? You pray a prayer.
Carlie: Yes, no, and wait.
Ashley: Well, we never know. You pray prayers. Well, maybe God’s saying no, or maybe God’s saying, wait.
Carlie: But that’s not in the scripture.
Ashley: I remember growing up, and if my parents are watching, I love you. But I remember growing up, I’d ask my parents, “Can we do this? Or can we do that?” They’d always say, “We’d see.”
Carlie: Or maybe.
Ashley: Maybe.
Carlie: I use to hate that maybe.
Ashley: We’ll see. We’ll see or maybe because I know why, and I’ve found myself doing that now as a parent. Because if you say yes-
Carlie: You’re tired to it.
Ashley: Especially to your kids, I’m telling you what, they will remember that, they’re like elephants. They’ll remember that like two weeks time, they said, “Dad, you said we was going to XYZ. We was going to go to the movies tonight. Or we was going to do this tonight.” I was like, “Oh, man, did I really say that?”
Carlie: But now if they promise to tidy their room or something, gone.
Ashley: They forget about it.
Carlie: Forget about it.
Ashley: It’s a one way deal that is.
Carlie: It’s totally a one way deal.
Ashley: So sometimes we’ve experienced, we’ve made a promise, and unfortunately we haven’t been able to fulfill it or we’ve got … This is different though.
Carlie: God’s different.
Ashley: This is different. This is all yes and amen.
Carlie: You see because God’s a promise keeper and his promises aren’t yes, no, and maybe. Or yes, no, and wait. They’re yes and amen. But here’s the thing, his promises are yes. Always. But we have to put the amen to his yes.
Ashley: That’s good.
Carlie: And I love what it says here. When you say amen, it’s like, yes, I agree. That’s why we say amen at the end of the prayer.
Ashley: Or amen.
Carlie: Or amen.
Ashley: Some people say amen.
Carlie: If you’re British, yes.
Ashley: Sometimes, well it’s about half and half, I’ve noticed.
Carlie: I think we’re bilingual, that’s what it is.
Ashley: Some people say amen. Some people say amen. But either way it means I’m in agreement.
Carlie: I’m in agreement.
Ashley: I agree with that statement.
Carlie: I agree.
Ashley: I agree with it and I’m not just agreeing with it. I’m like partnering with that statement. I’m agreeing with that statement. It’s more than just, I agree. It means I agree and I’m putting myself into it as well, is what it means.
Carlie: So what I liked about when I read that out of the passion translation is it says that, “He knows we are his since he has stamped his seal of love over our hearts.” He picked us. Before you picked him, he picked you. You thought you chose him, but he chose you. Amen. You were always chosen. You were always adopted. You were always planned to be in relationship with him. Amen.
He stamped his seal of love over our hearts and is given us the Holy Spirit, like an engagement ring is given to a bride, the down payment of blessings to come. I just started thinking about the power of this. When we got engaged, you gave me a ring, this little twinkly ring right here on my finger still here.
Ashley: It’s not little, it’s okay.
Carlie: I meant little fingers.
Ashley: I was like 18, 19. I was a youth pastor. I had no money.
Carlie: No, I loved it. I love my engagement ring.
Ashley: Okay.
Carlie: Right. But this engagement ring has stayed on my finger the whole time. But once we are married … When you’re engaged, all girls do this, they get the ring and it’s like, “Oh, show me your ring.”
Ashley: Do they?
Carlie: Yeah, boys not so much. But anyway, once-
Ashley: Do boys do engagement rings now?
Carlie: I don’t know.
Ashley: They might do.
Carlie: They might do.
Ashley: It’s getting a little bit, in 20 years because they’ve got this whole thing now that we’re pregnant. They got that whole thing now.
Carlie: I don’t understand that.
Ashley: I’m sorry, if you’re one of these-
Carlie: I’m sorry. It’s the ladies that are pregnant.
Ashley: We’re pregnant things.
Carlie: The man’s part in it is very small.
Ashley: A friend of mine come to me and he says, “We’re pregnant.” I’m like we’re? You can’t say that on television.
Carlie: Too late. It’s out there, sorry.
Ashley: I said, “We’re pregnant?” Your wife is pregnant. So if you’re one of these that people say, “We’re pregnant, I don’t want to offend you. But in our day, back in our day.”
Carlie: Oh, you sound so old.
Ashley: We would say, “You’re pregnant.”
Carlie: You also say youngsters though.
Ashley: I do say youngsters.
Carlie: That makes you sound really old.
Ashley: When Carlie actually says, we have three children, Carlie said each time when she said, “I’m pregnant.” I said how did that happen?
Carlie: What did you say? I said, “Honey, you were there.”
Ashley: So anyway.
Carlie: Let me tell you.
Ashley: We’re getting off track here.
Carlie: Yes. Let me finish my thought.
Ashley: So I forgot about what you said now, you threw me off.
Carlie: Yes, thank you. You’re distracting me. So when we were engaged, girls want to show off the engagement ring. That’s what they do. I love it here when it says that “We are given the Holy Spirit like an engagement ring is given to a bride.” But how many of you, once you were married, ever wanted to show off your engagement ring?
Ashley: Or ever wanted to go back to engagement?
Carlie: No, because engagement was pants.
Ashley: Pants for the-
Carlie: Pants.
Ashley: Pants for our international viewers, it means no good. It’s not very good.
Carlie: I mean, it was horrible. When you really love somebody in your mind, when you get engaged, you’re already there. You’re committed. That level of commitment is there in your hearts and knit together because you’ve made a promise to be with each other for the rest of your life.
When we got engaged, in my heart, I was knit to you, you were knit to me. There was a period of time before we sealed the deal on the wedding day.
Ashley: It wasn’t long. We got engaged and then-
Carlie: 13 months.
Ashley: Just over a year later we got married.
Carlie: But it felt like an eternity.
Ashley: It did.
Carlie: Because in my heart I wanted to be there. I wanted to be living with you, sharing life with you. I wanted to be planning our future, planning the children that we’d have, and not have to say goodbye at the end of the evening, and you go to your house and I go to my house.
Ashley: Right.
Carlie: So once we’re married, I never looked back after we were married and thought, oh, I wish I was engaged again. Because marriage is a better covenant. See where we’re going with this?
Ashley: Than an engagement.
Carlie: It is much better than engagement. When we really understand what Jesus has done for us, it’s like we’re living in our wedding day. We’re not living in our engagement, hoping for something to come, hoping to just make it through, cling on until maybe the wedding day. No, the wedding day’s already come.
You see, God is a promise keeper. His promises are yes and amen. Not yes, no, wait, or maybe. We don’t have to hope for something to come, we already have it. He sealed the deal. He put a wedding ring on our finger and he sealed the deal. We’re the bride of Christ. I mean, Jesus, it’s like, we’ve got it.
This is why God’s promises are yes and amen. But we need to put the amen to his promises. He’s a promise keeper. Now there’s a real similar word. We’d call this, there’s a covenant. In Hebrews, let’s look at this for a minute. This is in Hebrews eight, verse six. Do you have that one there?
Ashley: Says, “But now he has obtained a more excellent ministry inasmuch as He is also a Mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promises.” So we now have a better covenant established on better promises.
Carlie: Right. Amen.
Ashley: Very powerful.
Carlie: I remember when you presented me with my engagement ring. Do you remember that?
Ashley: Actually, I do. Yes. Actually I hear someone, one of the viewers saying they’d like to hear the whole story.
Carlie: Oh really?
Ashley: So what happened was, yeah, I can’t help it. What happened was … I could hear someone shouting.
Carlie: This is only a 28 minute program.
Ashley: Tell us the story. Real quickly, I’ll summarize it. But what happened was, is I was dating Carlie. Well, we never actually dated anyway.
Carlie: You never asked me out.
Ashley: It was on a mission trip.
Carlie: You just asked me to marry you.
Ashley: I did.
Carlie: You should ask me out.
Ashley: I never asked you out, did I?
Carlie: No.
Ashley: I never dated you, we just went straight for engagement. Anyway, I should tell the whole story one day, that’s even better. So anyway, we had one day off, it was on a mission trip in Northern Ireland and we climbed the highest mountain in Northern Ireland. Do you remember that?
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: I ran ahead and I engraved on a rock, and I was going to put Carlie, I love you. Will you marry me? But it turns out it’s quite hard to engrave on a-
Carlie: Turns out you couldn’t spell my name either.
Ashley: It’s quite hard to engrave in a rock. So I just went for Carlie, marry me? Question mark.
Carlie: You didn’t write Carlie though, did you?
Ashley: Well, I went to write Carlie and unfortunately I didn’t get the L in there, so it was Carie, but I put the L in afterwards. It’s okay. Said Carlie, marry me? Question mark. Then I ran back down to the spot where you was at. I told you I had to go to the bathroom, you thought I fell off.
Carlie: This cloud came in, like a glory cloud.
Ashley: So I couldn’t find the rock.
Carlie: There’s a fog on top of the mountain, I thought he’d fallen off or something.
Ashley: Because I couldn’t find the rock. So anyway, I’m looking around. Carlie’s like, “Let’s just go. I’m like, “No, no, it’s around here somewhere.” She’s like, “What?”
Carlie: This was your big moment.
Ashley: Here it is, my big moment. Here it is and there’s this rock it’s engraved Carlie, marry me?” As we looked at the rock, the clouds parted, you could see the beautiful valleys below and we was there together. And you said?
Carlie: Yes.
Ashley: Yeah. I was very pleased you said yes.
Carlie: And amen.
Ashley: Yes and amen. She said yes. So that’s when we got engaged. That was in 2000 … that was in 1997, I guess.
Carlie: That was in 1997.
Ashley: 1997, okay.
Carlie: Yes. Amen. From that point on, we started to plan our wedding day. When we got married and we entered into a better covenant based on better promises, let’s put it that way.
Ashley: Marriage is a better covenant.
Carlie: It’s a better covenant.
Ashley: Based on better promises than engagement is.
Carlie: Amen. So if you have any doubts, marriage is better, trust me. Marriage is better.
Ashley: Than engagement.
Carlie: So if you have to, keep your engagement short. I mean, long engagements anyway, we’re not going to go there.
Ashley: I had a friend once and he said, “I’m not sure if I can marry.” I said, “Why?” He said, “Well, I just feel tempted around her.”
Carlie: This is not-
Ashley: I said, “Well, when you get married, it won’t be temptation anymore. You’re allowed to live together when you’re married.” He said, I won’t get into more details. He never realize that.
Carlie: Anyway.
Ashley: So anyways, he got married, they had a short engagement, like a three month engagement. We had a 13 month engagement, but we didn’t believe in living together obviously until we were married. So when you’re engaged, you’re committed to life, but you don’t get to share life together. You don’t get to share one house together and stuff.
Carlie: Yes, marriage is awesome.
Ashley: Yes. So marriage is a better covenant.
Carlie: Yes. Actually the word covenant, it’s the same word we get contract from. Contract.
Ashley: Oh really?
Carlie: Yep. That’s the biblical term for contract, covenant. Okay. Now in science, I know you didn’t think you were going to get science lesson here. Right?
Ashley: Well, we almost got a biology lesson.
Carlie: That’s true. It’s getting hot in here. Sorry. Okay. Anyway, in science, there is a word that’s really similar to covenant. It’s called covalent. It’s a bond, it’s the scientific word for bond. I just want to share this with you because I think it’s absolutely fascinating.
But diamonds are formed under immense pressure. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. They are the strongest substance on Earth basically. The only thing that can cut a diamond that you’d find in your engagement ring, one of these little twinkly, things, is another diamond. But the interesting thing about a diamond, it has the same composition to it as a pencil lead.
Ashley: Oh wow.
Carlie: Did you know that? It’s carbon graphite.
Ashley: I do now.
Carlie: Now when you get your pencil out and you write in your paper, what happens?
Ashley: The pencil comes off on your paper, the lead.
Carlie: Right, the lead marks-
Ashley: It disintegrates on your paper.
Carlie: Disintegrates and it makes a mark on your paper.
Ashley: But diamond … So pencils are really soft and they make marks. Whereas diamonds are really hard and they’ll scratch anything.
Carlie: Exactly.
Ashley: If you’re not careful. So women, if you ever got a steamy window in your car, don’t wipe the window with the outside your hand because your diamond will scratch your windshield.
Carlie: Use your pencil.
Ashley: True story. Carry on.
Carlie: Anyway. So even though they have the same makeup, the same composition, the thing that makes … I mean, and how many of you would rather have an engagement ring with a diamond in it than a pencil lead? I mean, come on now. One’s pretty, one’s ugly. One’s really hard and amazingly durable and beautiful, and the other one, I mean, it’s useful, but it’s not exactly a piece of jewelry. It’s not valuable in the same way.
The thing that makes a diamond valuable is the way, not just its composition, but the bonds that hold it together. You see, even though the composition is the same as a pencil lead, the bonds in a diamond go vertically. They go between from here to here. The bonds in the same type of substance in a pencil lead go horizontally and they’re very weak.
That’s why when you write, scrape your pencil across the paper, the sheets of lead just slide off of each other onto your paper.
Ashley: I can see where you’re going with this. Vertical, horizontal.
Carlie: Exactly.
Ashley: I can see where you’re going.
Carlie: So even though those two things may have the same composition, it’s the very bond that they have that either holds them together or it tears them apart. It either makes them beautiful and valuable and strong and resilient under heat and pressure. Or it makes it fall apart like a pencil.
Ashley: Fall apart like a pencil lead.
Carlie: Like a pencil lead. I don’t know, like a $2 suitcase. So we won’t even go there, that’s a whole nother story. But it’s the bond that we have with the Lord and the understanding that we have, that he’s a promise keeper.
That very bond that God has made between him and mankind is so strong, he will never let it go. Even if we back down on our promises, God is still faithful.
Ashley: That’s awesome.
Carlie: Amen. Even if maybe you’ve lived a life where maybe you haven’t been the most truthful person. Maybe you have had in times in your life where you haven’t been the most faithful. Where you’ve let people down, where you’ve hurt people, or other people have hurt you. Or you don’t have relationships that are based on trust.
There is one person that will never, ever let you down. The Lord is our promise keeper. Amen. His promises are yes and amen. When he sends his word, he chases after it with everything that’s in him, he will never let his word fall to the ground.
There’s a Psalm here. This is Psalm 119, first 89. He says “Forever, O Lord, Your word is established in heaven. Your faithfulness for all generations; you have established it in the earth, and it is firm.” And “They continue.” His word continues. “This day according to his ordinance, for they are all of Your servants.”
When God sends his word, you can take it to the bank. Amen. It is an absolute guarantee. Like nothing else that is on this earth. When we affirm in that understanding of God’s faithfulness to his word, we will never be disappointed. Amen.
Ashley: Amen. That’s awesome. Hebrews 13:5 says, “I’ll never leave you or forsake you.” That’s God’s promise to you. He’ll never leave you nor forsake you. Hebrews 13:5. Isn’t that powerful?
Carlie: Would you pray for the people with me?
Ashley: Praise God, love to. Father God, thank you for everyone watching. I thank you, Lord, that you’re a promise keeper. You keep your promises every time. You invented promises and you’ll never let us down. I thank you, Lord, for every viewer today, every listener today. I thank you, Lord, they are going to trust you. Just like that diamond, they’re going to go vertical. They’re going to trust in you, Lord, your relationship with them.
Even though they may have had relationships horizontally that have let them down, vertically, Lord, you will never let them down. I thank you, Lord. You’ve revealed yourself through your word. You’ve given us a book full of promises. I thank you, Lord, that people are going to start trusting you to a new level today. Start trusting God to a new level today.
Carlie: Amen. Thank you, Lord.
Ashley: Thank you, Lord.
Carlie: That you establish your covenant with us and you’re never going to leave us.
Ashley: Amen. That’s powerful. Praise God. Well, thanks for joining us today. We’ll be back real soon, but until next time, remember, don’t just live a normal life. When God’s paid for you to live the abundant life.
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Carlie: Did you know that God is a promise keeper? You can absolutely trust every word that he says to you. Maybe in your life you haven’t experienced faithfulness, but God is always faithful, even if we are unfaithful. You can take his word to the bank and base your life upon it.
So I want to encourage you to listen to the rest of this series on Possessing the Promises. God has given us good and precious promises. So stay tuned, listen to the whole series of how you can take the promises of God and have them in your life
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Carlie: You know what this means? Everything that God promised to Abraham, we have today, because God doesn’t expire his word. There’s no expiration date on the word of God. Everything that he promised to Abraham we’re part of that everlasting covenant.
Ashley: When we was believing for our daughter Hannah’s healing, we loved God and we loved the word of God. But because no one taught us the truth, we didn’t see that manifest until we understood the truth about healing.
Carlie: Our whole family has been impacted by this understanding of what Jesus has already done. And so now we’re living life out of victory rather than living life out of defeat.
Ashley: That’s why we’re so excited here at Terradez Ministries. We want people to be empowered, to walk in the promises of God.
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