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You Don’t Have to Stay Broken!

What do you do when tragedy strikes? When you’ve been abused or traumatized, how do you heal? When everything seems lost, how do you find a way out?

In All Is Not Lost, international speaker Carlie Terradez, shares her path from trauma to victory. Surviving a decade of sexual abuse, coming back from death at age 12, and learning to walk after paralysis, Carlie has faced her share of struggles. Now, from experience, Carlie shows you the way out of victimhood into triumph.

There’s a victor inside of you ready to break free! What the devil sent to destroy you might just be his biggest failure—and your greatest victory.

Empowering Believers in the Promises of God

Ashley and Carlie Terradez are a power-packed duo, exercising Luke 4:18 by proclaiming and providing an example of God’s promises and provision through Christ Jesus. With a special emphasis on relationship with God, supernatural healing, and financial provision, we help people to access everything that Jesus has already provided for us through His death, burial, and resurrection.

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Our New Headquarters


Terradez Ministries has called the Charis Christian Center building our home for over three years, and it has been an incredible blessing! However, the Lord has been leading us to leave the nest, to find a permanent headquarters which would give the ministry even greater opportunities for growth.

We have decided to purchase a beautiful, 26-acre property as a permanent home for the Terradez Ministries headquarters. This picturesque land has space for our current needs and also provides ample room to expand in the future. 

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Free Confession Card

Get the most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place. Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

Join the Underground Community

Connect with likeminded believers

Are you tired of mainstream social media? Platforms that censor and push anti-Christian values. Terradez Ministries has started their own social media platform, created to share the Gospel outside of platforms that censor the truth.

Connect with other like-minded believers in our Underground community. Share life moments, pray with one another and get exclusive content from Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

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Free Confession Card

The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place.Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place. Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

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