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Freedom USB

Slavery can take many forms: past experiences, fear, offense, disappointment, sickness. Even after being set free, the side-effects of slavery can prevent us from moving forward into the things of God. So, start living in freedom!

Learn how to remove every hinderance of the purpose and power of God operating in your life! This teaching will empower you to completely purge the filter of slavery from your thoughts and words. Break free and start living in your God-given purpose, hope for the future, provision, health, and love!

Available as a USB or MP3 Download.


The heart of Terradez Ministries is to provide convenient access to discipleship materials that are available to everyone. We believe that these teachings will help you become grounded in faith and empower you to receive every promise the Lord has given His children.

If there is a specific teaching that you know you need to have, but are unable to afford at this time, please reach out to us. Email us at [email protected] or call +1(719)-600-3344. Our heart is to help you to increase in faith and the power of God to experience victory in every area of your life!