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Patrick Nyende

Uganda | December 7, 2018

Salvation on Facebook – “Carlie Terradez I accept Jesus into my life and want him to lead and guide my life”


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Esther M

Unending Love of God

Am a believer. I learned about Terradez show in May 2019 this was a few months after I had resigned from my job and had issues with my relationship. Am glad that through your teachings about Faith and receiving our prophecy physically, I have come to peace in my heart and believe that there’s much …

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Restoration with my daughter

Restoration with my daughter. I have been having hard time to connect with my daughter for a long time since I divorced with their father. She is now married and she come to me and her husband to come and help them with the baby last year. Still there was this strife on her part …

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Wiki H
New Zealand


Hi Ashley and Carlie I suffered with back pain every day since last November, sometimes severe I could barely walk. I watched the last Power Hour on my mobile phone and as you both prayed I held my phone against my body to ensure the pain heard your voices. PRAISE GOD the pain left and …

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Maureen Terry
United Kingdom

Healed from very painful sciatica

Hi Carlie. The Lord told me to attend your Cambridge meeting weeks ago although it is over 60 miles from home. I follow you on FB regularly and have seen you at Ben Conway’s church last year. I saw Hannah’s healing testimony years ago and also saw your own healing from epilepsy testimony just last …

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After we praying “diabetes be gone” was last month i went to the VA for my check my annual checkup my sugar levels are normal all my readings have been normal, A1c is normal my Dr cut the diabetes meds in half. But the best of all, I went to the VA Optometrist, 2 years …



Family reconciliation

I have so many blessings and miracles in my life every day. My daughters was in difficult relationship with each other and in a argument at home and up in a fighting. Police was involved and resulted in separation of my daughters, plus the old one was facing charges. I was with my heart broken. …

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Thank you

I have been watching tv but one day I come across faith channel and it was your show of abundantly life I listen to you guyz you have really change my think and my faith has turn around I know am not yet there but I have faith that I will change complete thank you …

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Marygrace Pechtold
united states

Love from our Father

You are PERFECT and LOVED. The first testimony is, growing up in a rough neighborhood near Chicago and being the youngest of six to a woman that became a widow at 42 was far from a cake walk. Nevertheless, my Father always made sure I prospered and safe throughout my many trials and obstacles. One …

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Encouragement, Healing

Set Free From Addiction

Praise God, brothers and sisters! I thank almighty God for saving me. For many years of my life, I did not follow Christ, but now I am saved and a child of God! I was a circular hiphop artist and musician. I lived a reckless life, comprising of beef and hatred among fellow circular musicians, …

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Hi Carlie and Ashley! I received healing in my upper calf around the knee, at the recent Abundant Life Conference. It had been hurting for a couple years, especially the week before the conference. But after my drive home to Denver I noticed it wasn’t hurting any more, nor when I walked up steps, or …

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Dear Terradez Ministries I am writing a testimony for the second time .Last week l got healed from dizzy spells (vertigo )and today May 8 l got healed from painful knees .Ashley prayed directly to the pain l was feeling .l wept because l was instantly healed and God is moving supernaturally in my life …

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Power hour live 1 May

Dear Terradez ministries My name is Shyleen. l live in Germany. I got healed on last weeks program from dizzy spells. l don’t know when it started but l would feel it everytime l blow a ballon or anything. l felt no balance in my head. l didn’t even know that it’s called Vertigo. I …

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Healed watching Abundant Life Event

My husband and I are on a long dreamed and awaited 4 month sailing adventure and we are in and out of cell range. I am so very thankful that we’ve been in port frequently enough so that I can listen to the Abundant Life show. I had finished the Fearless series in Alabama. Now …

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Yawa Hansen-Quao
United States


My husband and I attended Abundant Life last year. At the time, our 6-month old son had been hospitalized since birth, having been diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome and expected to die within days. His organs had begun shutting down and doctors insisted we make funeral plans because they were certain we would not …



7 yr Nail fungus healed

Last week on power hour, as I watched the replay Carlie called out toenail fungus. I’ve actually had it for 7 years, but just tried home remedies which never worked. Six of my toenails were really gross, thick, nails discolored from purplish,dark yellow, and brown. I claimed that Word, “oh that’s me! I take that …

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