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Yawa - Baby Derek

December 11, 2019

Baby Derek Healing Update – Baby Derek was born deaf and doctors said he would die within days of birth. Two years later, he is healed and we just received the test confirming he can hear! – Yawa 


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39 Reasons

This morning I woke up with hip pain. I am believing for total healing but this morning the pain was much worse. I started to read the booklet 39 Reasons Healing is Yours and meditating on the scriptures. I commanded the pain to go and it has diminished very much whereas this morning I thought …

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Good afternoon Ashley and Carlie, I just want to tell you my testimony, I had a mammogram last week and the hospital call me because they see something I went back this morning April 14 to redo it plus an ultrasound, I kept on praying and quoting scriptures to keep the negative thoughts out of …

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Husband recovering quickly

David and I agreed in prayer a few days ago. Husband was in hospital with COVID on ventilator and induced coma. It is now 5 days later. They are taking him off medication and starting to wake and open eyes. Should be fully awake Friday. Next they’ll take off ventilator to determine how well he …

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Kristen Creecy
United States
Encouragement, Finances, Healing

Finances, Healing, Fear

Currently in module 3 of Power Academy and realizing more how much of a coward the devil is. He’s SO scared of God! I’m at the point of wanting to laugh at the devil because he has no hold or control over me anymore! Back off devil, I am God’s daughter! I was so filled …

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Elizabeth (Beth) Marquardt
United States of America
Encouragement, Finances, Healing

Tithes Work!

I attended your receiving/healing event at the Hope Center last night and today, March 12 & 13, 2021. Ashley spoke about tithing and mentioned there was someone regarding a $1500.00 donation in this group, and said he was looking forward to the testimony after the giving. I had been struggling on where to give this …

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God of everything

We were blessed with our third baby on the 8th of February 2021. While I was in hospital I rang terradez ministries prayer line because I was concerned about some things. The person who took my call not only prayed about those concerns but he said the Lord wants to bless the whole family and …

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Power Hour March 21

When Carlie was praying on the March 21st Power Hour, she called out that a biopsy of digestive system due to inflammation would be negative and God was taking care of it. I had that biopsy earlier that same day and held on to that word. Today I got the report that my biopsy was …

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Cancer a piece of cake for Jesus

In November 2018 I was 5mths pregnant with our second daughter when an unexpected miscarriage took us by surprise. Having contracted a small cough then, a chest X-ray went on to reveal a large mass instead growing between my heart and lungs (approx. 13cmx10cm) which after a marathon of tests later was diagnosed as Hodgkin’s …

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Knee healed

For weeks I was struggling with right knee pain after injuring it exercising! It was so painful i had to take pain relief particularly at night as the pain interrupted my sleep! I could not kneel down, getting up and down and stepping up down stairs was very painful! I continued to try and exercise …

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Set Free

Right before power hour today, I felt the spirit give me the wisdom of why I had been dealing with tormenting thoughts and fear. With overwhelming symptoms. After the revelation, Carlie began to pray for someone that had been experiencing tormenting thoughts, and the thought that her family would be better off without her. A …

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Peace in my heart

During power hour, I recieved prayer for my heart and immediately received peace, the palpitations became silent as well. Glory to God !

Finances, Healing

How you guys helped me heal and grow

Hi, I wanted to share that both Ashley and Carlie were instrumental on my path towards receiving healing and prosperity. For a few years I had migraines and general chronic fogginess, dizziness (like a slight chronic migraine). I first saw Carlie on The Pearson’s Legacy TV. I had symptoms that day and was feeling depleted …

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Susan Quaye
United Kingdom
Encouragement, Finances, Healing


God is so good. I have been watching and listening to you and the encouraging messages and prayers that have been delivered on Terradez Ministries by Carlie on healing. I’ve been through so much and at the same time being massively blessed. I’ve received healing from chronic kidney disease along with the symptoms; I lacked …

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Healing after watching live Power Academy

I had been having gastric problems for weeks. Right after eating my stomach would burn and worse. After watching Power Academy it just disappeared. I believe the healing prayer and the scriptures shared were the answer. Thank you so much and thank you Lord Jesus!


Jaw healing

Recently, I was watching Ashley and Carlie on YouTube live when a word of knowledge came through Carlie about someone experiencing symptoms in the jaws and how God was healing the individual. This served as an extra confirmation for me and I received it. Well there are no more symptoms whatsoever. Glory to God!


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