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Yawa - Baby Derek

December 11, 2019

Baby Derek Healing Update – Baby Derek was born deaf and doctors said he would die within days of birth. Two years later, he is healed and we just received the test confirming he can hear! – Yawa 


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Muwanguzi Michael
Uganda, Africa

Inspired and Encouraged

Praise the Lord, I am a Pastor here in Uganda under a Ministry I lead of the names; Soul Life Ministries Uganda. I remember of a group that came from USA to Uganda for ministry which I joined as a language interpreter. This group was coming from Victory Life Church lead by Duane Sheriff Ministries. …

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Encouragement, Healing

Clear Night Vision

God really does hear what you say! Stand and don’t give up! I was watching Power Hour Thursday morning (day after live) and Carlie said, “some one is having trouble with night driving, It’s the glare or something like that, well God is healing that.” Those are the same things I said in my prayer …

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Kyari Jay

Debt paid in full

I was in debt for two year and this has hindered me from undertaking any serious project because I was struggling so hard to pay up. I had no job or any source of income.From my calculations even if I had a job it will take me months to pay off and yet no job …

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Encouragement, Healing

Welcome New Me..

About the Old Me… Sorry this is long but….. Not so long ago, approximately 4-5 months, I was residing in a local motel, on drugs most of the time, barely hanging onto my job, and with a slew of perceived health problems. I was still suffering the aftermath of the shambles of what became my …

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Louise Brummer
South Africa


Hi I broke my ankle very badly as per xray and my Doctors advice I should have had pins bt going to our Government Hospital received a plaster cast only. I had been watching your programe about healing and the facts spoke to the above BUT Gods word the Creator of Heaven and earth said …

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Hearing God -Carlie on the Larry Sparks show on Utube

Just watched this video! Had been concerned about a relative who is just starting out in ministry. He is focusing on the wrath of God against sinners, following a well- known street preacher. This conflicts with what I am learning about God and the New Covenant as a Charis student. Well, just then his wife …

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Rosemary Adogo
South Africa


I watch your program every single day on Faith TV. It all started from my evenings having specific TBN/DAYSTAR programmes that I watch every single evening /Night. I had the urge to have a morning program to feed me with the word of God I started watching your program and my, it is so encouraging, …

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Baby Lucas Update Carlie prayed Born Nov 20 DIAPHRAGMIC hernia compressing lungs and heart Day 4 surgery removed hernia Day 5 responding well Opened eyes Dr say another week to see how heart is We believe he is 100% perfectly whole Thank you Jesus! thank you Carlie❣️

Cynthia Khentwua
South Africa

No longer barren!

I am Cynthia from Aliwal North, South Africa. I phoned the prayer line in South Africa. I had bad news that I could not have children as I had fybroids and was in a lot of pain. After Hayley prayed with me all pain left. I received the results of the tests and all came …

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Femi O

Healing from Epileptic Seizures

I was watching your programme on FaithTV on one of the days in March 2019 where your wife was talking about how God healed her from epilepsy and I claimed the healing for my three year old daughter who had been having seizures from her first birthday and God healed her. My daughter started having …

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Zanele Loloane
South Africa
Encouragement, Finances, Healing

Running my race

I’m so blessed every time when I listen to you woman and men of God.what I’m going through is what you were talking about today,I used to quit most of the time but since I started to listen to your teachings I’m encouraged not to quit,not to loose hope,to run a race without looking nextdoor …

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Healing and health

I was listening to Healed and Whole and Carlie was praying she spoke healing to legs and immediately I felt the power of God hit my legs and the pain was gone !!!!!! Praise God for Ashley and Carlie’s obedience to The Holy Ghost!😄 The other part of this testimony is that after I listened …

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Pam Gauthier
United States

Healing of Chronic Pain

First of all, I want to say that this is not your typical, instantaneous-healing-type testimony, but it is miraculous nonetheless, and I want to use it to encourage others. In January 2018, after suffering with various physical ailments (fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, stenosis) for 30+ years to the point where I could barely walk with …

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Janet Henderson
United States


I saw you at Charis Bible College, Overland Park, Kansas, on October 12, 2019. It was awesome. I heard God with my heart rather than my brain. It was as if my spirit heard you and I came alive again. I had not heard anyone speak to my spirit in over 5 decades the way …

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Blood clots and Excessive Bleeding Gone!

I give all glory to God for this healing! All last month for the first time in my life I had issues with blood clots and excessive bleeding and had to be admitted to the ER for a blood transfusion. Upon the 3rd week of dealing with this issue, I was able to login to …

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