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Toddler Raised from the Dead

May 27, 2021

After reading the Terradez Confession Card every day, James knew he was “full of the Holy Spirit, with more than enough power inside to raise the dead.” When a little girl died in a bus accident, the Lord used James to raise the girl to life!


Below, you find real-life testimonies of God’s goodness! Use the search feature to find stories of victory in the areas of healing, finances, and encouragement. Or read them all to build up your faith in every area of your life!

If you have a testimony, we would love for you to share it with us! Our form allows you to write your story and even include a link to a video testimony. All testimonies will be reviewed by ministry staff to ensure appropriate content before publishing to the list below.

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Encouragement, Finances

Gainfully Employed

I’ve been an avid listener and reader of your ministry’s messages since 2019. Your ministry has stretched my understanding of what it means to “live life and life more abundantly” through Jesus Christ. Your stories of faith not only empower me but also make me laugh. Since 2016, I’ve been unable to find full-time employment. …

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Mountaintop Miracles

Hi there! I just wanted to reach out and share my testimony of what God has done in my life after I attended the Cure conference a few months ago! I have a very very rare stage 4 non-smoking lung cancer. After attending The Cure, I had a scan done a month after. That scan …

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Supernatural blessings

Hello, I want to encourage everyone to sow into this ministry! It´s been several months since I´ve started giving regularly to Terradez Ministries as well as Andrew Wommack Ministries, and I have increased a lot – I am a student but God gives me opportunities, projects and jobs to gain money, and He also takes …

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Shannon Pizano
United States

Partnership Testimony – Business exploding – generating 10k + a month in revenue.

I started tithing faithfully to my church back in October 2020. I’ve tried tithing before in the past but I got a revelation on giving and tithing from the heart and to do it as a lifestyle honoring God. I felt led to step out in faith and to give above my tithe and partner …

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Joseph Bindas
United States

Relationship Testimony

I am so incredibly grateful, thankful for this ministry, partnership, your encouragement. I am honored to be a partner of Andrew Wommack Ministries, where I saw your testimony and your YouTube Videos of teachings from Healing School at Charis Bible College. While I was working from home last year. I found Terradez Ministries on YouTube …

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Healed of leg pain!

During the Cure Conference as Carlie was ministering, I received freedom from pain in my leg Praise God. Just prior to receiving the manifestation the pain was so bad that I was not able to bare full weight on my leg. It was only when I began speaking and taking authority over the pain and …

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Candice Lamprecht
South Africa

Thorns , barns & oil jars

Hi I have just finished reading thorns barns and oil jars, your life with god, and miracles made easy. Thanks so much for this God bless you Ashley and Carlie life changes. Love your books tv shows thanks so much

Kristen Creecy
United States

Fear Testimony

Over a year ago, God has been leading me on a fearless journey. One by one, fear has been exiting my life. I didn’t realize how many levels fear really has!! Or even how sneaky it can be. The most recent level of fear that snuck its way in was this: In February, 2 family …

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Toddler Raised from the Dead

My name is James Dimba from Lusaka, Zambia. I just want you to know that you are such a blessing to me and to the body of Christ. I have been following the abundant life since last year. Earlier this year somewhere in March, I learnt how to pray in tongues through you. Through one …

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Donna Thomas
United States

Healed of breathing issue

A few weeks ago, Carlie had a word regarding shortness of breath/apnea when laying on the left side. I was so amazed at how good God is and how specific that word was. I haven’t had any breathing problems since that time! Thank you Lord and thank you, Carlie, for being obedient.


Freedom from fear

Thank you, Terradez Ministries, for all the recent teachings on overcoming fear and other attacks on the mind. I have seen these types of attacks on so many believers this year, including me. I had a number of very difficult events happen over the past year, including a big loss, which led to some panic …

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Nyari Gwavava
United Kingdom

Healing from peripheral neuropathy

In 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a course of chemotherapy and developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet as a side effect of the medication. Last year on Power Hour, Carlie had a word of knowledge of someone suffering from peripheral neuropathy from chemotherapy. I claimed my healing and Praise God I …

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Encouragement, Finances, Healing

Healing and encouragement.

Toward the end of 2020, I was taking a walk from work and heard the Lord ask me what verse I would meditate on more from the sermons I was listening to. Isaiah 53 was one of them. When I got home, I felt a huge lump in my breast but I didn’t know how …

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Robb Wood


Hello Terradez Ministries. I wanted to share a testimony of victory. In 2019, my heart went into irregular rhythm (atrial fibullation) as a result of chemotherapy treatments (another victory story!). The cardiologist chose to try medication to restore regular rhythm. After 14 months, nothing had changed. The cardiologist said that many people live normal lives …

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Processor Upgrade

During Power Hour a couple weeks ago Carlie prayed for someone having slow processing particularly with audio processing. I’ve always struggled to retain information through audio. I needed to read it. When people spoke to me, it was as if what they said was written out word for word in my brain. I had to …

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The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place. Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

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