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Yawa - Baby Derek

December 11, 2019

Baby Derek Healing Update – Baby Derek was born deaf and doctors said he would die within days of birth. Two years later, he is healed and we just received the test confirming he can hear! – Yawa 


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Aurelie Kabore

Ears Healed

I was born hard hearing and I began wearing hearing aids (both ears) in 2012. Certainly people have been praying for me but no change. In 2018, just after receiving Jesus in my life, I had a dream where God told me I am completely healed. I never let this down and even expected it …

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John Thomas
United States

Healed of Skin Eruptions

Thank you Ashley, Carlie and T team. About a month ago, I requested agreement for healing from some alarming skin eruptions. Since that time, Jesus has completely healed my arms and the skin is healed and smooth. Praise the Lord!

Anonymous Anonymous
United States

Deliverance and Healing

I have learned so much from Ashley and Carlie Terradez and am so grateful for your work and ministry. I would not have this testimony if not for your obedience. Thank you. Thank you for following Jesus. I struggled for many years with a myriad of symptoms that progressively became worse and worse. I stopped …

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Savannah Cooper
United States
Encouragement, Healing

God is our Healer and He cares about helping us with simple things!

Praise Reports!-God is our Healer and He speaks to us even about simple things! I just wanted to give God praise! He is so good and He loves to be involved with every area of our lives. I have two praise reports. First, I want to thank God and my power academy family for agreement …

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Lisa Bass
United States

Power Hour Blessing

Thank you Carlie. I was watching Power Hour (8/5/20) and Carlie called out for arthritis to be gone and when I started to bend my little finger which has been very stiff and painful, it bent with no pain. It was such a small thing but very painful, I was not even thinking about receiving …

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Sandra Thomas
United States

Digestive Issues healed

During power hour Carlie called out “healing for digestive issues”. I immediately said out loud “that’s for me” and the Holy Spirit was all over me afterwards and I began to cry out to the Lord thanking him for my healing. No more digestive issues. Of course the enemy is trying to take my healing …

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Stephanie Wilkerson
United States

The Truth Demolishes Every Lie

Greetings, It is a full out praise dance complete with twirls and leaps here! The Power Academy folks have been agreeing with us in prayer over a young man and his wife who both have been believing the lies of the enemy about his gender. Last night the young man and his wife prayed to …

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Donna Thomas
United States

Praise Report

Today, Carlie called out healing of swelling and pain in the knee. I received it and all the symptoms are gone! Praise the Lord!


Blessed Partner

Ever since I became one of your last Foundation Partners on 4/1/2020, I have been so blessed, financially. Money keeps coming from unexpected sources, and even our eBay business that has always struggled, is prospering. We had been “stuck” in Jamaica for 3 months, and when we were finally able to come home on Jun …

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Seizures Stopped!

Hi! Praise Jesus yesterday Josh & Carlie you had a word of knowledge about my baby, Serena’s, brain! She had been having seizures every hour for the past few days and about once a week for 8-9 months, after having a 5 month seizure free period. We have been standing for her complete healing of …

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Kathy Price
United States

Safe Arrival of Kennadee

Carlie, About 6 weeks ago i texted you about our granddaughter giving birth to our first great granddaughter. Doctors said that she would probably be born early and of low birth weight. You prayed about her weight, being full term, and her being whole and healthy. And that she would come when she was ready …

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Billie Mitchell
United states

Healed toe nail

My big toe nail on my left foot would get so thick. I would have to dig to get it thin enough to cut. It needed to be often. Carlie called a big toe condition 2 or 3 months ago ago. This toe nail was in this condition for years. I claimed the healing and …

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Ashlea Mckenzie
United States
Encouragement, Finances, Healing

Family Overhaul

God is using this ministry to completely renew our family. I wrote in on the live about our two sons Nate and Silas asking Jesus Christ to be there Lord and savior 🙌🏻🙌🏻 ( I’d like to add that was right after I had decided to partner with the ministry, even though I’ve been listening …

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Healed of Painful Sinuses

Greetings for the past few months I started having painful and terrible smelling sinuses,went to the doctor and got treatment for them but after a week I completed the treatment they started again so last night on Power Hour I believed God for my healing, when Carlie start praying I got into an agreement with …

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Pet Healing Testimony

Last night (June 17th) I noticed one of my parakeets choking, distressed & displaying possible life-threatening signs. I felt fear knock on the door of my heart, but I didn’t let it in, nor speak it out. Gathering my family, I ran for my Bible & read Deuteronomy 28:4 aloud. We then prayed & spoke …

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