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Patrick Nyende

Uganda | December 7, 2018

Salvation on Facebook – “Carlie Terradez I accept Jesus into my life and want him to lead and guide my life”


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Marion H-J
United States


This ministry is absolutely great. It is so good to see you guys ministering together. The testimonies add so much to the message. It’s the difference between reading a book about art and actually seeing paintings, or reading a book about music and actually hearing music. You have lots of testimonies and it really brings …

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Donna Cornell
United States


Watch this couple all the time now! Great incites to revealing in a no nonsense way of understanding the Word of God and what God has made available for us! — Donna Cornell

Joyce Stevenson
United States


You guys are absolutely AWESOME! TO GOD BE THE GLORY. I DEFINITELY PLAN TO PARTNER with your ministry! Thank you both for YOUR excellence in our LORD JESUS CHRIST! — Joyce Stevenson

Brett & Hope Parker
United States

Unexpected Income and Debt Cancelled

Hi Ashley and Carlie, We are your new Partners! We just saw you Saturday and Sunday at your Abundant Life Conference. Just wanted to let you know we have just had two financial blessings in since Sunday… a $570 check from an unexpected source, and a $381 medical bill erased. Praise God! Blessings, Brett & …

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Encouragement, Finances

Job Provided Following Prayer

Hello, a couple of days ago David prayed for my husband to get a union job. He is in the union and has been waiting about 6 months for them to call him with a full time assignment. In the meantime, he got a job offer yesterday for a full time job making good money, …

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Terri Brown Vaughn
United States

Partner’s Financial Blessing

You are a great blessing to so many! In October I became a partner of yours and was blessed with my interaction with David. David is a great member of your team. With our tiny partnership of $10 a month it turned into a $3243 financial blessing for my family in November. Praise you Jesus!!!!! …

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Salvation on Facebook

Sometimes staying up until 3 AM looking at funny dog pictures on Facebook is a good thing! Be encouraged as you read this string of comments as Patrick is ministered to and receives Jesus as his personal savior through Facebook ministry! – Terradez Ministries Team Patrick Nyende – Am not born again Christian but I …

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Healing is a piece of cake for Jesus

I just saw the lady in Baltimore and it reminded me of the expression you used in Hannah’s testimony that healing is a piece of cake for Jesus…. my 12 year old twisted her knee at home a month or 2 ago and couldn’t walk. She hopped in to my bedroom to tell me and …

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Bradley Plowman
United States

Shoulder and Collar Bone Healed

Your last healing school at Charis in November of last year… at 13 I dislocated my shoulders in a snow skiing accident and was never able to throw overhand again… The right shoulder has been dislocated over 15x and in 2010 I shattered my collarbone into 4 peices in a violent dirt bike crash… They …

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