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Yawa - Baby Derek

December 11, 2019

Baby Derek Healing Update – Baby Derek was born deaf and doctors said he would die within days of birth. Two years later, he is healed and we just received the test confirming he can hear! – Yawa 


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Knee healed

For weeks I was struggling with right knee pain after injuring it exercising! It was so painful i had to take pain relief particularly at night as the pain interrupted my sleep! I could not kneel down, getting up and down and stepping up down stairs was very painful! I continued to try and exercise …

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Set Free

Right before power hour today, I felt the spirit give me the wisdom of why I had been dealing with tormenting thoughts and fear. With overwhelming symptoms. After the revelation, Carlie began to pray for someone that had been experiencing tormenting thoughts, and the thought that her family would be better off without her. A …

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Peace in my heart

During power hour, I recieved prayer for my heart and immediately received peace, the palpitations became silent as well. Glory to God !

Finances, Healing

How you guys helped me heal and grow

Hi, I wanted to share that both Ashley and Carlie were instrumental on my path towards receiving healing and prosperity. For a few years I had migraines and general chronic fogginess, dizziness (like a slight chronic migraine). I first saw Carlie on The Pearson’s Legacy TV. I had symptoms that day and was feeling depleted …

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Susan Quaye
United Kingdom
Encouragement, Finances, Healing


God is so good. I have been watching and listening to you and the encouraging messages and prayers that have been delivered on Terradez Ministries by Carlie on healing. I’ve been through so much and at the same time being massively blessed. I’ve received healing from chronic kidney disease along with the symptoms; I lacked …

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Healing after watching live Power Academy

I had been having gastric problems for weeks. Right after eating my stomach would burn and worse. After watching Power Academy it just disappeared. I believe the healing prayer and the scriptures shared were the answer. Thank you so much and thank you Lord Jesus!


Jaw healing

Recently, I was watching Ashley and Carlie on YouTube live when a word of knowledge came through Carlie about someone experiencing symptoms in the jaws and how God was healing the individual. This served as an extra confirmation for me and I received it. Well there are no more symptoms whatsoever. Glory to God!

Lolade O

Healing for my daughter

My daughter started her menstrual periods earlier this year. The periods were coming more often than they should and I was getting concerned. During one of the Power Hour sessions, Carlie prayed about a young lady whose menstrual cycle was being corrected. I received the word for my daughter. I have come to testify that …

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Back Healing

I wanna thank Carlie Last Friday during questions and answers she prayed for my lower back. The back pain had taken a toll on everything I do in my daily life. The pain is going away and I am doing all the things I love without pain and hesitation. Most importantly I would like to …

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Marlize Pretorius

Healing of Drop foot

On the 21st of October I was listening to Carlie live on youtube and towards the end of the session, she prayed for people’s requests and at some point she said “someone has a drop foot” and God is healing that foot in Jesus Name. Well, my mother had a stroke 4-years ago (due to …

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Skin fungus testimony

I had just finished listening to the audio teachings, “healed and whole”, and “manifesting miracles”, and I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit a month or so before, when I saw that my daughter had ringworm (a fungus), and we had a previous bad experience with ringworm on our kids the summer before, and …

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Jessica McGarry
United States

Postpartum Healing- Hormone Imbalance

Carlie was doing Power Hour on 11/11 and I wrote in on YouTube chat about needing postpartum healing. I had a compilated birth that ended in CSection, and that did not go like CSection should there was complications. I have been struggling for 10 months with hormone imbalances, with manifested in many different ways from …

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Dolores Morales
United States


I become a partner with Terradez Ministries a few months ago. And my business is doing better than ever before, my finances are doing so great right now. Thank you Terradez Ministries for teaching the Word of God! Blessings!


Back pain healed

Praise the Lord, on the Live today on FB you called out a back pain that comes when you twist…well that was me for about a week & honestly I forgot to pray for myself or tell pain to go, I just sort of figured I did something to strain my back but when you …

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Stephanie Wilkerson
United States

Lies have to leave in Christ’s Presence

First, a big Whoop Whoop! for the Lord. We had the opportunity to pray with a woman yesterday that had gotten bogged down in a slimy mud hole of lies about God wanting her to “suffer” since she became a Christian as penance for her terrible past. After sharing Romans 8 with her and other …

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