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Yawa - Baby Derek

December 11, 2019

Baby Derek Healing Update – Baby Derek was born deaf and doctors said he would die within days of birth. Two years later, he is healed and we just received the test confirming he can hear! – Yawa 


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Ashlea Mckenzie
United States
Encouragement, Finances, Healing

Family Overhaul

God is using this ministry to completely renew our family. I wrote in on the live about our two sons Nate and Silas asking Jesus Christ to be there Lord and savior 🙌🏻🙌🏻 ( I’d like to add that was right after I had decided to partner with the ministry, even though I’ve been listening …

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Healed of Painful Sinuses

Greetings for the past few months I started having painful and terrible smelling sinuses,went to the doctor and got treatment for them but after a week I completed the treatment they started again so last night on Power Hour I believed God for my healing, when Carlie start praying I got into an agreement with …

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Pet Healing Testimony

Last night (June 17th) I noticed one of my parakeets choking, distressed & displaying possible life-threatening signs. I felt fear knock on the door of my heart, but I didn’t let it in, nor speak it out. Gathering my family, I ran for my Bible & read Deuteronomy 28:4 aloud. We then prayed & spoke …

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Bloodless poop!

My dog has had non-stop health issues for the past year. After several tests, the vet we worked with told us that he probably has lymphoma. My son and I decided to give him the best life we could and let him die young (he is only two) without invasive tests and biopsies and treatments. …

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brain blood vessel healing

about 3 plus yrs ago I got real depressed and down and was so overwhelmed by situation and the horrible constant onslaught of symptoms of autism wearing me physically,mentally, and emotionally down that secretly inside my heart I started praying for God to kill me… ( I know it’s wrong but I felt hopeless and …

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Listen to where God leads you to give

May came and I had an extra 900 cad that I got and God reminded me this Sunday that I needed to give the 10% of it. I’m already a partner of the terradez ministries and also a student of power academy I do want to bless the power academy somehow when I heard that …

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I can’t contain my excitement !!! I have another praise report, yesterday I was praising God for good test results for my daughters thyroid numbers that came into balance. And now today she got the test results that prove what we have been believing for many years now. She has no more seizure activity and …


zena arnold
United States

Regarding the details

Hi, My name is Zena and i watch you on the gospel truth every morning while getting ready for work, last week in may, you talked about faith , how not to deny the facts , but that Gods words is the finally truth , well i have scriptures on cards posted in my apt, …

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Cheryl Flanery
United States

Hair loss

I heard Carlie speak at the end of February and she spoke over someone who had lost significant hair loss and I was like thank you Jesus!! I’ve been suffering with hair loss for close to 2 years!! But then nothing happened and I was getting frustrated cause I knew God over me, I’ve been …

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Sue Miskimen
United States

Healing Testimony

I was watching Power Hour on May 27, 2020 with Carlie Terradez a couple hours after the actual live video. Carlie had a word of knowledge for head and neck pain related to pressure. It was connected to peace, and jaw pain. Then she started to pray about fatigue and blood flow. Lately I have …

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Susheel Komma Reddy
United States

Supernatural Seed and Supernatural Harvest

Dear Ashley and Carlie, Like Paul says – I thank God when I think of you. I really do. I have been following Andrew Wommack ministries for quite a while. I am aware of your journey. I am aware of the famous “Piece of Cake for Jesus” statement. I recently watched Ashley minister on God’s …

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Encouragement, Healing

Overcoming Fear

Recently I had a small red pimple on my right breast. It had appeared one day but it wasn’t painful so I didn’t bother much with it. During this Corona period I have been seeking God much more and He has been faithful. So one morning I rip the devil apart in prayer during my …

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Healed of tummyache

This morning I had listened to a few sermons, I was busy reading some of Gloria Copeland’s healing confessions and confessing it over some of my friends, my family. Suddenly I had awful cramps. I was considering having a painkiller and lying on the couch and then I decided to use my authority in Christ. …

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Exercising authority

I’ve been watching T-time and Power Hour and all the Youtubes/ Facebook lives from Terradez Ministries. I’m learning how to walk out my authority in Christ like never before. My 6 yr old son suffers from growing pains in his knees every once in a while. I usually give him pain medicine to help him. …

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Karen Townsend
United States

Mom Called

For the first time in my entire life my Mother called me to ask me how I was doing and to touch base with me. She also said “tell the children hello” which are My son and daughter 18 and 20 who don’t know her either. My extremely abusive father died on April 15 and …

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