God is always true to his word

I started following Terradez Ministries on TBN.I was so hopeless to a point that i just said *what else could go wrong* I have gone through it all in a year,but God is so Faithful.i felt alive again after one episode and the hunger for more of God’s word was ignited.I went online and signed up for weekly mail’s and from that day the weekly word is exactly what I will be going through.No one from the Terradez Ministries know me,I’m not even a church member yet the word is always on point.After Reading God is your source sometime during lockdown I started a company registered it and even employed 3 people….yes during the national lockdown in S.A. that’s when God said cast your net.I have learnt to depend on the Word and each week’s word is in alignment with whatever is going on in my life. MAY THE LORD CONTINUE TO USE YOU