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Multiple Healings

I grew up with athletic-induced asthma that was also aggravated by colds. In 2012, I first heard that I didn’t need to ask God to heal me, but learned the authority I had in Christ and about speaking to my body. I thought, “Well, I’ll give this a try.” At the time, I was gardening in my backyard and listening to a teaching by Andrew Wommack called, “A Better Way To Pray”. I set down my spade and just prayed, “Asthma, you are healed in Jesus’ name.” Then I went back to gardening. A couple weeks later, my husband and I went on a run through the woods. Normally, he ran and I went just a few yards before I was huffing and puffing and feeling a side ache. This time, I kept running and running. I had forgotten I had prayed for healing and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t even breathing hard. Then God brought to my memory that I had spoken over myself and I started crying. I caught up to my husband and told him. We were both so excited we jogged to my parents’ house so I could tell them. On the way, I started to feel a side ache set in and I just said, “No, I reject a side ache in Jesus’ name. I am healed!” It went away instantly. I have never had an issue with my breathing again. I live in WA, but I have hiked and backpacked all around southern CO with my husband and in-laws and have not had any issues with breathing, even with the elevation difference.

A couple months after I was healed from asthma, I was on a walk with my parents. I fell and scraped, bloodied, and bruised my shin. I pulled my pant leg back over my shin and had my parents agree with me in prayer as I spoke over my shin. We walked to my house and, when we got back, I pulled my pant leg up. My shin was completely healed without a scratch on it. My parents, who thought I was a little “out there” with this healing thing, completely changed their tune after witnessing my leg being healed.

Today (2-13-2020), I watched Carlie Terradez speak at Charis Bible College’s healing school. I recently had a breakdown (too many years of sleep deprivation due to children), have been renewing my mind from thinking fear and anxiety-based, have diastasis recti from childbirth, have fatigued adrenal glands, an inguinal hernia, and an imbalanced menstrual cycle. I have just felt like there is an overall imbalance in my body. When Carlie prayed, I felt heat and tingling flood my whole body. I believe all the things listed above are healed!

A big thank you to both Andrew Wommack and Terradez Ministries! And the biggest thank you of all goes to Jesus!!

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The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place.Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place. Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

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