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Living a Legacy Part 3 with Ashley & Carlie Terradez.

In this episode Ashley and Carlie talk about the value of having a good mentor or being a good mentee. God designed you with a purpose!

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Carlie: We’re in the middle of our series here on living a legacy, talking about mentorship and the value of having a good mentor or being a good mentor in what the blessing that can be to your life, how it pulls out the potential of God in you.

Speaker 2: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. Welcome to the Abundant Life program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’re with us today, here in the lounge, praise God. We’re in the middle of a series. We’re talking about living a life of legacy. That’s right. Living a life of legacy. Not leaving a legacy, living a life of legacy. What does it mean to actually live with purpose? What does it mean to have people above you that are pouring into you? What does it mean to be pouring into people? Mentoring, mentorship, being a mentee. That is a real word, mentee. I looked it up. Being a mentee, someone who’s mentored.

We look at these things. We looked at Timothy and Paul, and we looked at the way that Timothy received from Paul and the way that Paul mentored Timothy. 2 Corinthians verse two has been our key scripture about, “The things that you have heard from me amongst many witnesses. Go and teach these to faithful men who will also teach them to others.”

So it’s a legacy. It’s going on, not just about us. It’s going on to the next person, the next person. You have a legacy to live. God has people for you to influence and people to influence you in good things, praise God. So I want to encourage you. You can live a legacy.

And at the moment we’re looking at what does it mean to be a mentor? What’s good characteristics of a mentor? What’s the mentor’s good characteristics? And if you have someone who’s mentoring you, someone who’s looking over you, someone who’s pouring into you, then what characteristics have they got, and if you are pouring into someone else?

Really, all of us in the body of Christ should have people that we’re receiving from and people that we’re giving out to. And whatever age you are, whether you’re nine or 90, you can be receiving and you can be giving, praise God.

And I believe it’s God’s model. Ultimately the word of God’s our answer. The Holy Spirit’s our mentor, our teacher, but the Lord will use people to draw out the good things that are already inside of us. The Lord will use people to draw out the good things inside of you. And our program goes out around the world, literally to hundreds of millions of households. So, I know there’s people watching and listening today that might well be saying, “Well, I’m not sure if I’ve got anyone around me that I can receive from in person.”

But there are ways you can receive. You can receive from media outlets. You’re going to receive from programs, that is, from ministries that are teaching, teaching ministries. You can receive from reading, reading books about people, listening to podcasts, listening to content. You can receive from people by listening to them and without even being one-on-one with them.

Carlie: Right? By making yourself a student.

Ashley: Making yourself a student. When the student’s ready, the instructor will appear, praise God. So, we’re looking at the characteristics of a good mentor and what their characteristics are like. We’re not saying anyone’s perfect, but we’re saying that if someone’s mentoring you, if you’re receiving from someone, really, they should be showing some of these characteristics.

We already looked at some of these. The first one we looked at was they’re selfless. They’re not making it about themselves. They’re not selfish. They’re selfless. And they’re actually making it more about the student than about them.

Carlie: They want you to win.

Ashley: Amen. A good mentor wants their students to win. A good mentor wants their student to go beyond them. Jesus said that, “The works that I do, you will do also and greater works than these.”

So, even Jesus wanted his students, his disciples to go beyond him. Paul wanted Timothy to go beyond him. And I believe that a good mentor wants their students. They’re going to celebrate their student’s wins and they’re going to want their students to go beyond them.

The mentor’s hundredfold should really be the student’s 30 fold, should be their starting point. And I believe that’s how we start on our spiritual father’s shoulders. We start on our mentor’s shoulders and go on from there. So you should want your students, the people you mentor to go beyond you.

The second one we looked at was their legacy focus. They’re focused on the future. They’re focused on more than just this one relationship. They’re focused on how the goodness of God, the character of God can be shown, the love of God can be spread through these relationships. They’re legacy-focused.

And the third thing I want to look at, we’ve already looked at this one as well is they’re successful. They have some wins, they have fruit. Somebody’s going to teach you something. I don’t want to learn from someone who hasn’t been-

Carlie: Yep, who doesn’t knows what they’re talking about.

Ashley: Yeah. They don’t know what they’re talking about. And you don’t want to learn from someone who’s … I mean, one time, we had one of these gift experiences and me and my dad, we went on one of these flight gift experiences. But you get to go up and fly in a plane. So I went first,

Carlie: Like a little plane.

Ashley: Like a little two-seater plane. Yeah. Two seats, a plane. And I went first and I got up there and I looked and the pilot looked very young.

I mean, very young.

Carlie: He looked like a teenager.

Ashley: He looked like a teenager to me. And I got worried. I said, “I’m not sure if I’m happy about this. I hope this guy knows what he’s doing.”

Carlie: Why would you make that assumption?

Ashley: Because he’s very young. That means I must be out.

Carlie: You figured that he can’t have a lot of experience.

Ashley: Exactly. He was like super experienced. He had hundreds of hours of flying experience and he knew how to fly this plane. He was a very good pilot. I did not know how to fly the plane. So I was pleased that he knew because it’s just the two of us up there, but I did ask him, I said, “how long you been doing this for?”. He said, “I’ve been doing this for years.” I think he said something like 10 or 12 years. And he said, “I’ve got so many hundreds of hours of flying experience.

He said, “but this is my first solo flight in this particular plane.” Now that didn’t bless me. I said, “God, all of this out of my prayer life went to another level.” We landed. We were fine. I’ve got to have renewed flies. I said, “I think I could fly a plane.” And my other friend was a pilot. And he said, “are you sure?”. I said, “no, I know I could fly to places. I think I could almost fly this plane.” And he said, “you know what? Almost flying this plane is basically crashing.”

Carlie: You’re not almost landing.

Ashley: Almost crashes. I don’t want someone who’s thinks they know what they’re doing. And then they don’t know what they’re doing. I’m telling you, we don’t know what they’re doing. We need people with experience. And whether you’re looking for mentorship in ministry, in pastoring or leading worship or whatever it is. The moment our son is learning how to lead worship. And he’s been mentored, by the worship pastor, the senior worship pastor and he’s pouring into him. And it’s awesome because what’s happening is our son is learning these things. He’s learning how to deal with people, how to choose songs, how to lead worship in a public setting, all these things, he’s relationship with God and things like that. And that’s so important. So if a good mentor should have experience in the area that they’re mentoring you in.

Carlie: No, it’s interesting because they don’t necessarily have to be older than you, right?

Ashley: In years.

Carlie: They did in years, but they do need to be more experienced than impart something.

Ashley: In fact, most of the time, I would say people that are mentoring you, it usually tends to be older in years, but yeah, you’re right. They can be older in years. Let me reverse that they could be able to in years, but not older in experience. They don’t have great experience in that area. Just sometimes we think just because someone’s out, they must’ve experienced. They say that if you have 10,000 hours experience in something, it makes you an expert. So whatever your trade is or whatever you do, if you’ve got 10,000 hours experience, it makes you an expert. My argument is what if those 10,000 hours are bad experience? I mean, seriously, I’m just saying like, you know that he’s got 10,000 hours experience in whatever you want.

Carlie: They must be really experienced at what not to do.

Ashley: What if they been doing it wrong for 10,000 hours? I’m just saying.

Anyway. So, so make sure the person you you’re receiving from actually has experienced, actually been there and done it. Praise God, has got some battle scars. It can actually walk you through some things because they’re the people we’re going to learn from them. So it makes sure they’re successful. Their fruit. Jesus said, “you will know them by their fruit. You’ll see their fruit. You’ll see what have they done, where they’ve been”. And, and we said this last time, but a lot of times people want to give advice to you. People want to help you and give advice when they’ve never had an experience in that area, themselves, whatever that is, they can try and give advice. And they haven’t even had experienced themselves. They’re just giving book knowledge. If you like beyond book knowledge, we want experience protocol. We want, we want a tried and tested experience.

Carlie: So, they’re successful in some areas.

Ashley: Successful. The full form we’ve got here is that they’re resistant.

Carlie: What does that mean?

Ashley: And good mental will actually be a little bit resistant. I know you think resistant in a healthy way. Let’s look at this, this is Elisha and Elijah. And this is a great example of we’re talking about mentor and mentees. We’re talking about the living a legacy. I should say Elijah was told he was going to go and, and anoint Elisha and God told him go and choose Elijah. He’s going to be the one who takes over your ministry. Basically, he’s going to be the one who takes your teacher, prophetic ministry. And Elijah went and found Elisha in the field. He was plowing. That’s another whole teaching right there. It’s amazing. Elijah found Elisha working. He was plowing his fields. Jesus found his disciples working. He said, “follow me.” They were fishing. “Follow me.” There were tax collecting. “Follow me”. They actually work in busy in their trade in the marketplace.

Carlie: They didn’t find people to mentor, who had more than enough time on their hands.

Ashley: Just sit in the prayer closet.

Carlie: Interesting

Ashley: In the prayer closet, praying, you know what? I’m not against praying, because it bumped in your two-thirds of God’s name is go, pray and also go and do something. Put your hand to something, makes them happy. So I don’t know what to do. Just do something less. You do nothing. Do something, go and find someone to serve, go and find a church to serve out, go and find a ministry to volunteer at, go and find whatever it is. Go and serve. I had a story. One time a guy, he went to a large retail will a Superstore. I guess I’m going to have to say it on television, but it’s Walmart and for the Americans it’s Walmart because they don’t understand when I say Walmart, but anyways, the big store here in America. And they asked for a job and they didn’t get my jobs.

They’ve got no jobs available. So we turned up every day and swept the sidewalks and started cleaning the outside of this Walmart Superstore. And after about the third day, the manager said, “what are you doing?” He said, “I’m cleaning your store”. The manager said, “but you don’t work here”. He said, “no I’m volunteering. He’s went to him and said that he’ll hire him. And he hired him. So it’s a little bit of a crazy example, but you can do something. Put your hand to something and it’s voluntary. Put your hand to something. Jesus found his disciples working. Elijah found Elisha working. He was plowing the fields and we’ll pick this up being there first Kings 19. It said. So he, he departed Elijah. He departed and found Elisha. The son of a chef at who was plowing with 12 yoke of oxen before him.

And he was with the 12. Then Elijah passed by him. So picture this, Elijah just walked right past Elisha and frees mantle on him. so Elisha left the oxen run after Elijah and said, “please let me kiss my father and mother. And then I will follow you.” And he said to him, “go back again, go back again for what have I done to you is verse 20, go back again.” What would that be? Elijah’s attitudes. He was almost resistant to Elisha. He made it almost difficult for him to follow him. Elijah turned back. It doesn’t say he said goodbye to his parents or not, but he did turn back. He actually got his oxen. It was using, he actually slaughtered them and used his plow as fuel, to make a fire, to, to cook the oxen.

Carlie: He burnt his bridges.

Ashley: He burnt his bridges. He basically burned his equipment. He was using to plow the fields and then he followed a lie.

Carlie: You could say that he really understood what it meant to be committed.

Ashley: Yeah, Elisha was all in and followed Elijah. But Elijah here was a little bit resistant. And then what would I say is a good mentor will be give some healthy resistance. And I mean this in the best way. But if you have someone come to after advice and someone comes to you and wants your time and really wants you to help them. Give them some sort of homework, give them something to do, give them an assignment. The proof of desire is in the pursuit. If you really want something, you’re going to pursue it. And I have people come to me in a lot of the time. I say to them, “Hey, go and do this, read this book, read my book. If you want financial advice, read my book.” And then they say, “I don’t have time for that”, or, “Oh no, I don’t like reading”. And I’ll say, “well get the audio version or, or whatever, but read this book or go to this website and do this. And then once you’ve done this, then come back to me.” And nine people out of 10, won’t even do that first step.

Carlie: They not going to get the benefit because they’re not committed to the instruction.

Ashley: Right.

Carlie: A mentor is not the same as a cheerleader and they’re going to be there to just say, “Oh, you’re wonderful. You’re awesome. Everything you do is perfect. Yay!” And stroke your emotions. If we really want to see the power of a godly mentor in our lives, sometimes that’s going to rub us up the wrong way. That’s going to challenge us. It’s going to stretch us in some areas. It’s going to hold us accountable. And it takes humility and commitment to submit yourself to somebody and enable them, give them the permission to speak into your life, to address those things. Because you know, they have your heart and your best. They’re looking out for your best interests. You know, as a man, Jesus actually withstood somebody. I’m thinking, this is the healing of the Gadarene demoniac.

This is in, in Mark chapter five. So this is the man that Jesus gets in the boat. He goes across through the storm, go sit other side he’s bound. He’s in chains. He’s outside, isolated from his community. They call him Legion, because he had many demons. He gets completely delivered. Okay. But something I want to, I want to pick up the story after the point where Jesus delivers this man in verse 15 of Mark chapter five is, is they came to Jesus and saw him who had been possessed with the Legion of demons, sitting in clothes and in his right mind. And they were afraid. Those who soar, it told how it befell him who had been possessed with the demons and also could concern in this wine. They asked Jesus to leave. But in verse 18, look at this. When he entered the boat, Jesus, he’s about to leave here.

Okay? He’s in the mantle. Liberty is about to leave. He says “he entered the boat. He’d been possessed with the demons.” Pray in, in this is in the modern English version, says prayed him that he might be with him in other translations, begged him or he besieged him. Okay. And I thought, man, this seems a bit strange because he actually says, Jesus did not let him. He wanted Jesus to stay on it to, he didn’t want to leave Jesus and Jesus did not let him. But he said to him instead, go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and how he had compassion on you. The man listened to this instruction. He says “he departed and began to proclaim into capitalists. What great things Jesus had done. And everyone was amazed.”

There’s a lot in this because I think oftentimes if we haven’t had an experience, it’s kind of like when a baby chick, first hatches, wherever they see they bond with. That’s my mother, that’s my father. You know, when we’ve been through a trial, we can find ourselves real vulnerable in that state, wherever, whatever, whoever it is that comes out next, we can want to bump that person naturally, and that’s great if it’s Jesus. But just be aware that you can be vulnerable and in looking for a mentor in your life, you can be easily manipulated. This is just a side issue there. But in this example here, Jesus says, “rather than I’m good, come with me, come join my clan, come join my band of disciples.” That word besieged begged. He actually means to call, to be by my side or to comfort.

He wanted mentoring from Jesus in our modern day English. We’d be saying, he’s asking Jesus to be his life coach to be his mentor. Right. But rather than that, Jesus, listen, you’ve been delivered. And he set him back into the very place where he’d come from right over the very things that the devil had stolen from him. Wow. You know, the devil stole from him, his identity, his money. He isolated him. And Jesus says, look at what you’ve given. Now go and use what I’ve given you. He’s actually sent him back. He gave him homework to do right. And look at the result. When he went back, people were amazed. There was compassion everywhere. And everyone was amazed at what had happened to this man. It was a testimony. And so sometimes if you’re meant to resist you, there’s a bigger purpose in that. It’s a good thing.

Ashley: It really is healthy resistance is a good thing. And we now done in love. The first characteristic for the mentor, we looked at was being selfless. If they’re actually doing it for your own good, if their esteeming others higher in themselves, then they’re doing that selflessly. So you know, when they’re resisting, you it’s for your own good. And you know what? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Sometimes people aren’t ready to receive. Sometimes people need to go and do a little bit of homework, go and do something first before they receive. Amen. Hey, before I share this last point, we’ve got some exciting news. We want to share with you. These things are going to empower you in the promises of God, praise God. So let’s watch these together.

Carlie: God has chosen you. The word says he’s all danger. He set you apart that you might bear fruit and that your fruit might remain. You know, he wants you to make a lasting impact in this world. He wants you to live legendary.

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Carlie: In these short television programs. We really don’t have enough time to be able to go into depth on everything that God has for you on this subject of living legendary. So we have more information, more teaching resources available to you on our website via these growth tracks.

Ashley: Hey man, we’ve got lots of free teachings. You can get a product coupons. You can sign up and get devotionals on this subject. So get around website Terra, Dez ministries.com forward slash legendary until you want to be a part of this. It’s awesome.

Hey everyone, we’re looking at, what does it mean to live a life of legacy products and characteristics. And before we carry on with that, we have a question and let me know. We encourage people. Communicate. We’d love to hear from you. You go to Terra Dez ministries.com and write your questions. You can also leave as testimonies. We’d love to hear from you. So we have a question here. We’re going to attempt to answer. I always say that we’re going to attempt to answer.

Carlie: I have full confidence in you.

Ashley: We’re going to answer it. I’m honestly. We’ll answer it together.

Carlie: Well, I’m asking it. So you get to answer. This is from Glen and Glen wrote to say, “frequently during during prayer times, when I’m praying in tongues and in Bible studies, I experience evil and godly thoughts that are difficult to control. If this occurs while praying in tongues, is my prayer effective or do I need to do it again with a clean heart and a clean mind?”.

Ashley: That’s a great question. You know, here’s the thing about praying in tongues, praying in tongues is so important. If you’re born again, you should be filled with the Holy spirit. You just asked God, say, Lord, fill me with your Holy spirit. He wants you to be filled with his Holy spirit. More than you want to be. Got to the infinite. The Holy spirit is for every born again believer that’s the truth and the normal Christian life. The normal experience we believe it is to have their own personal prayer language. In fact, in acts is over 20 times where people were filled with the Holy spirit and 20 times, 19 times there was visible evidence, the food of the Holy spirit, they prayed in tongues. That was the visible evidence. They’ll feel the Holy spirit. So yes, you can be a Christian without being Springfield.

You can be a Christian without praying in tongues, but you’re not going to be living the full Christian life. You’re not going to be getting the benefit. I say to people that living the Christian life without being filled, the Holy spirit is like a car without gas. A carve-out Petrel is not going to do what it’s designed to do. So I want to tell you that the praying in the Holy spirit is so important, but I do want to say this. When you pray in the Holy spirit, it’s your spirit praying to God. Spirit bypasses is your natural thinking. So it is possible to pray in tongues, pray in your prayer language, pray in the Holy spirit, whatever terminology you use and have ungodly thoughts at the same time. Yeah, because your mind isn’t engaging.

Carlie: Your mind is not renewed.

Ashley: Your mind is not renewed yet. It’s renewed by scripture and stuff, but our mind ultimately aren’t involved when we pray in the Holy spirit.

That’s why it’s important when you pray that in spirit to not listen to your thoughts too much. A lot of people they’ll start to praying the Holy spirit. They’ll start to pray in their prayer language. And then natural minds will say, you’re doing this wrong. You don’t sound like brother. So-and-so when he does it. You’re just making it up. You sound crazy. And they won’t pray in the Holy spirit. Yeah. Or they’ll pray in tongues. We’re a little bit. And after, after a few seconds or a few minutes that their natural thinking is, are you wasting your time? Why are you doing this? That’s why it takes faith to pray in tongues. So, you know, June 20 and 21, it says, when you pray in the Holy spirit, when you pray in tongues, you build yourself up in your most Holy faith. You keep yourself in the love of God.

I want to encourage you, Glenn. It was Glenn.

Carlie: Glenn

Ashley: I want to encourage you Glenn. First of all, don’t let the devil condemn you for having ungodly thoughts. You know, the devil will give you thoughts. You know, the devil gave Jesus’ thoughts in Luke four, that Jesus had to add to deal with the devil. And the devil gave Jesus’ thoughts and said, “why don’t you turn this stone into bread? Why don’t you jump off this Depot? Why don’t you bow the knee?

Carlie: He gave him suggestions.

Ashley: He gave him suggestions, we can’t control what comes into our thought life, but we can control what we meditate on. What we let dwell there. I believe it was Kenneth Hagan said, “you can’t stop a bird to land on your head, but you can stop it making a nest.”

Carlie: Right.

Ashley: So if you have that fleeting thought, then you replace that thought with a good thought.

Carlie: Yeah. And you know, your question about is my press effective. And we pray in we’re praying the perfect will of God. And when you pray in tongues is always effective. But if evil thoughts and things that run godly or come into your mind, as we were saying, your mind is in the process of being renewed, I would take a look at what you’ve been meditating on because your thought can be prompted by suggestions from the enemy like Ashley was saying, or it could just be something that’s coming up out of your own flesh. So be careful of what you’re meditating on. What you’re watching, what you’re reading and think is that some of those sources of input that you’re being exposed to, because sometimes what we’re thinking on is just a result of the, of what we’ve been exposed to.

Ashley: And it really is. It’s garbage in, garbage out is the computer term. Wherever you’re feeding your cell phones, I’d encourage you feed yourself with the word of God, feed yourself with the truth. In fact, Paul puts it this way in Philippians four, verse eight, he gives us a whole criteria of what things to think on what things to meditate on. He might say actually, “how can I just choose to think of something different?” We take that thought captive. And is that full comes in? You say that’s not a godly thought. And instead of trying not to think of it, I’m not going to think that anymore. I’m not going to think of anymore. That doesn’t work reminds me of Ghostbusters, that old film, when we were kids don’t think about. It was at the marshmallow man. Don’t think about the marshmallow man.

And they thought about the marshmallow man right away. Some people I’ve lost some people back there, but if you try and tell yourself, don’t think about something, you’re actually going to think about it.

Carlie: You have to replace it.

Ashley: You replace it with a truth. So, look at that list of things, Philippians four eight, think about those things, meditate on those things. Start thanking God, read scripture. I love to pray in tongues. And while I’m praying in tongues, because I believe in praying in tongues in long periods of time, I believe when we’re praying in tongues, you’re praying the perfect prayers. As Carly said, you’re praying. They’re hidden mysteries of God, but I’ll pray in tongues. Then I’ll read scripture at the same time while I’m praying in tongues. So that my mind is being is being renewed while I’m praying in tongues. So, you could do it. Don’t let the devil condemn you. And I remember you had the victory, praise God, you are born again. You had the victory and you just keep doing it. You keep praying in tongues and you watch your thoughts start changes. You take those thoughts captive and focus on the word of God. So we’re right in the middle here of a series called leaving a legacy or living a legacy. Most people say leaving a legacy. We’ve titled this living legacy.

Carlie: It would have been going through various points on the characteristics of a ever mentor. Yeah. And the next point we have here is a mentor. One of the characteristics is there’ll be challenging. There’ll be challenging. Now they’re encouraging, but they’re challenging. They will challenge.

Ashley: She’s challenging. And we talked about, they will challenge.

Carlie: Yeah. So constructive criticism, right? And this is something that we need to make sure that we understand if we’re going to be a mentee and have an effective relationship with somebody who’s speaking into our life. If we’re so fragile that we can’t take constructive criticism from somebody that has our best interests at heart, we’ve got some issues there. Oh, you mean like fraud issues.

Ashley: You mean like easily offended.

Carlie: They’re easily offended. Just crushed by the smallest critique. That means there’s some deep set insecurity there, right? And that’s a whole other issue of the heart that we need to address.

Ashley: I agree.

And what we’re saying about criticism or being challenging really is a mentor should have our best interest at heart. It’s not about them. They’re selfless. They’ve got our best interests at heart. So therefore they will tell us things. They’ll they’ll they’ll tell us. In fact, a good mentor will challenge you. A good mentor will actually warn you about things and challenge you. I like this proverb, Proverbs 27, verse six says “faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy”. So basically what that’s saying is, flattery and people saying,” Oh, you all see me doing great, all the time”.

Carlie: It might make you feel good in the moment, but it doesn’t really help you improve. Right?

Ashley: And in fact, some people use flattery is a way of manipulation, a way of getting their own way done. Whereas a true friend, a true mentor will sometimes hurt you, with what they’re going to tell you, because they’re going to tell you the truth in love. Paul said, “if I become your enemy, because I tell you the truth”. And if someone says, “you know, I’ve had various mentors in my life,” they said to me, actually, you’re doing this wrong. It might hurt me at the time, but I’m going to consider it. I’m going to take it to the Lord and say, no, I think they’re right. I’m doing this wrong. I need to change in this area. And I’ve taken that correction myself a number of times. And it’s good to be corrected. It’s refreshing to be corrected by someone who loves you and wants the best for you.

Carlie: Yeah. And it’s really important that we know the source, right? So that source of that criticism and the spirit behind it, is it done in love. Is he done for your better? Since you’ve always had just done to tear you down. If we submit into a mentor, that’s godly, it’s going to be done in love. Now, even if you don’t agree with it, even if you don’t see, I’d encourage you to take that constructive criticism before the Lord, as you’re saying, and you say, Lord, you know, Holy spirit, he leads us into all truth. Holy spirit leads us into al truth. Show me how this applies to me, help me to see, because sometimes we just blindsided by some things. Well, we have some blind spots. What’s glaringly obvious to other people aren’t necessarily obvious to us. You know, girlfriends you’ll understand this. If you got broccoli hanging out your teeth, you want one of your girlfriends to tell you got broccoli hanging out your teeth. Right? That’s what friends do. It’s good for you. It doesn’t make you feel good in the moment, but isn’t it better in the long run.

Ashley: We man say our flies are down. Just the other day. As a situation went up to Robin, I put my arm around him and he’s like, Hey, I said, “just to let you know your fly”. And it was just about to go on stage. Thank you as if it was down. So yeah, you’re right. And at the time it might be awkward or whatever. That’s just a silly example. Right? But what you’re saying is, is they’re saying that in love, because they want the best for you. You know, a mentor a little bit like a coach is going to stretch you. It’s going to get the best out of you. It’s going to draw out the best things that God’s put in you out. And a good coach will stretch you, challenge you, take you further than you knew you could go and get the most out of you.

Get the best out of you. And God has deposited good things in you. Come on wherever you’re watching from and listening from today, God has deposited good things. When you’ve got everything you need, you are empowered. You are equipped and you know what? God’s going to want to draw that out. He’ll draw that out for you. His word. He’ll draw that out through his Holy spirit. And he’ll use people often to draw that out of his praise. God. So a good mentor. They’re selfless. They’re focused on the future. They want you to win and they’re successful. They have fruit. They’ve been there. They’ve done that. They’ve got some victories under their belt and they’re resistant. They’re often helpfully resist you. They’ll give you homework, give you things to do. And they’ll challenge. You they’ll make the best. You know, they’ll make, they’ll get the best out of you.

If you like, they’ll make you feel challenged, but ultimately they’re doing it for your own. Good. And if you have a good mentor, if you have someone who loves you and mentor you, right? It’s a good thing. Great. And if you don’t know anyone in the natural to commence you, someone physically, then I’d encourage you. Keep in touch with good ministries, listen to good teachings, podcasts, videos, things like that. Read books, and you can be mentored praise God in that way as well. So pray for people. Amen. Yeah.

Thank you Lord. For everyone watching today. I thank you Lord for people watching. I thank you Lord that they have been fully equipped by you and I thank you Lord, as they’re receiving from you Lord, and maybe as they’re giving out to others, I think that you use relationships to show us your love, use relationships, to show your goodness. And right now, everyone listening to my voice right now, I speak a blessing over them. I speak, increase over them and you only have good things to them. Lord, we thank you that you are a good God and you only have good for us in Jesus name. Amen. Thanks for being with us. Remember, don’t just settle for living a normal life. Go out today and live the abundant life. We’ll see you soon.

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Speaker 2: To order your copy of this teaching. Visit our website, Terra Dez ministries.com.

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The most powerful scriptures from the Word of God, declaring who you are in Christ, all in one place. Then receive a weekly email to inspire and encourage you.

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